Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Up Coming RPG Conventions in the UK & Europe

July Update!

0 Continuum 2008. John Foster Hall [also known as New Hall], Leicester University. UK.
Friday 1st - Monday 4th August 2008.

0 Grand Tribunal 2008. Venue ??, Cheltenham, England
Friday 15th - Saturday 16th August 2008.

0 Gen Con UK 2008. University of Reading, Berkshire. UK.
Thursday 28th - Sunday 31st August 2008.

0 Confess 2008. Venue ??, Sligo, Ireland.
Friday 26th - Saturday 27th September 2008.

0 CONcrete Cow '08½. Old Bath House, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, UK.
Saturday 27th September 2008.

0 Ludicrus '08. Kesgrave Conference Centre, Ipswich, UK.
Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th September 2008.

0 GamesFest 2008. The Victoria Hall, Tring, UK
Saturday 4th October 2008.

0 Furnace 2008. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK
Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th October 2008.

0 Spiel 2008. Messe Essen, Essen, Germany.
Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th October 2008.

0 Gaelcon 2008. Clontarf Castle, Dublin, Ireland.
Saturday 25th - Monday 27th October 2008.

0 Game '08. New Century House, Manchester, UK.
Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd November 2008.

0 Indiecon' 08. Holbourne, Naish, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Friday 7th - Monday 10th November 2008.

0 Bizarre Consequences. Holbourne, Naish, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Thursday 20th - Sunday 23th November 2008.

0 Dragonmeet 2008. Kensington Town Hall, London, UK.
Saturday 29th November 2008.

0 Conception 2009. Naish Holiday Village, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Wednesday 28th January - Sunday 1st February 2009.

0 Tentacles 2009. Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany.
Friday 28th May - Monday 1st June 2009.

0 UK GAME EXPO 2009. The Clarendon Suites, Stirling Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK.
Saturday 30th - Sunday 31st May 2009.

0 Constitution 2009. New Hall, Cambridge, UK.
Friday 31st July - Sunday 2nd August 2009.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Continuum 2008 Guests of Honour as Trollball Players!

Here are the Guests of Honour. 
French illustrator Rolland Barthelemy has done these beautiful cartoons of the Guests of Honour at Continuum 2008.








Continuum 2008 Committee as Trollball Players!

As promised here are the rest of the Continuum Committee! 
French illustrator Rolland Barthelemy has done these fine caricatures of the Continuum committee.






Pete Nash - Head Gopher

Friday, 25 July 2008

How I look as a Trollball player!

So this is how how would look like as a Trollball player.
This is from the special Continuum edition of 'Trollball: This is NOT a Fair Game!', illustrated by Rolland Barthelemy. The committee and teh Guests of Honour have all been rendered as player counters in the game and all look so fantastic as Rolland has captured our characters very well.

Darran in Trollball

More will follow.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Trollball Boardgame at Continuum.


We, as a committee are proud to announce an exclusive limited edition for Continuum 2008 of the boardgame game 'Trollball: This is NOT a Fair Game!'.

Lovingly crafted by Grégory Privat, with some fantastic illustrations by Rolland Barthelemy, this is the beautiful game.

There will be a very limited number on sale at the convention only so check out the Continuum trade stand.

Hey ! This is CONTINUUM 2008 ! And this is the second edition of the game... already ! I was so surprised when the CONTINUUM team asked me to make this new edition that I tried to temper their enthusiasm : I failed.
This edition features two new teams : The Committee and The Guests. Colin Driver has worked with me on their statistics.
So here we are : It’s a convention game. Conceived at Continuum, born at Tentacles, raised at Chimeriade, released at Tentacles and now released again at Continuum !
Now : go play !

Grégory Privat

This is NOT a Fair Game!

THE GLORANTHAN ARMY is proud to release Trollball—"This is NOT a fair game", the Second Edition Continuum 2008 Convention fund-raiser boardgame!

Trollball is a game much like American football—the goal is to get the (live) portion of the ball (a trollkin) across the goal line. The athletes are allowed Weapons and giants act as referees, literally kicking players out of the game.

Each game is numbered. Quantities are limited.

The game is based on the original Trollball rules found in the Trollpack role-playing supplement for Glorantha. It uses the rules system developed for the Tentacles 2007 Trollball Worldcup.

Designed by Gregory Privat, illustrated by Rolland Barthelemy.
Components: 1 full colour rule book, 1 HUGE game board (a bit more than 60 cm by 120 cm), colour cardboard miniatures depicting the eight teams plus the two bonus teams in the game, colour counters, players sheets.
Price: TBC.


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Painting Gloranthan Peoples

So I have set myself a little art project to do.

Produce colour pictures of the different people in the setting of Glorantha in the style of the Osprey Soldier type paintings.


This one is my first, a Yelmalion warrior in Dragon Pass.

Based on a Greek hoplite with Sun and Yelmalio runes on his armour and shield. Out of the people in Dragon Pass the Yelmalions as a group are going to be the most heavily armed and armoured.

The painting itself was coloured in Adobe Photoshop but I am not quite happy with it. I I may do it again with ArtRage once I get more time after Continuum.
This is in the SOLAR Book that will be sold at Continuum 2008.

The next one?

Probably the player characters in my home game so Orlanthi or Yinkini.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Final Part of Continuum 2008 FAQ

The final part of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with the advertising, volunteering, Wi-Fi, and Tourist Information contact details.

I would like to advertise my Game/Shop/Event/Convention at Continuum?

If it is appropriate for our members, then yes you can. You can have a full page, half page or quarter page advert in our Programme Book that is given to every attendee on arrival. Rates are very reasonable [or even a Quid Pro Quo arrangement might be better?]. Inside cover: £50.00, Full page: £40.00, Half page: £25.00 and Quarter page: £12.00.
The deadline for inclusion in Continuum's Programme Book is Monday 14th July 2008.
If you have your own printed flyers we can include them in each of the delegate packs if we get them early enough. Just contact Darran Sims at:

Can I put out flyers or hang up posters?
You will need to check with the committee first about whether your posters/flyers are appropriate to this event.
Also we will show where you can put them so that they do not litter the place up or you do not damage the walls or the paintwork with your posters.

How do I become a 'Friend of Continuum'?
Friends of Continuum [or FOCs] are people that have helped Continuum, or Convulsions in the past, set up and help organise. They are the hard working, sweat-drenched volunteers running about trying to sort out any problems or getting gamers into games. They are at the beck and call of the committee [who by definition are control freaks of the worst magnitude] and their only reward is a little sup of beer [and all the members' gratitude].
To become a FOC you just need to be mad enough to volunteer your time or services to the committee, pledge your body, mind and soul in a little ritual we have [we won't go into the grisly details here] and keep smiling.
Simple huh?

Is there access to the Internet?
John Foster Hall itself is a WiFi hotspot so you may be able to access the Internet if you have wireless capability on your laptop.
You will need to bring an Ethernet cable as the rooms in the pavilions have wired Internet access only. Should you forget to bring an Ethernet cable the University Reception in the Conference Facility Building will be able to rent you one.
If you haven't got your own laptop there are several Internet cafes in Leicester itself. Also there is a library in Oadby, on the Parade, that you can visit that has some Internet ready computers. However the opening times are limited at the weekend.

Where is the nearest tourist information centre?
The only one available is in Leicester city itself:
Leicester Promotions,
7/9 Every Street,
Town Hall Square,
LE1 6AG.
Tel: 0906 294 1113.

Any more questions?
If you have any further questions or enquiries that are not covered in the comprehensive list above then please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee.
This topic is locked so start another thread or contact the committee through the Continuum 2008 website.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Even a Little Bit More FAQ

Even a little bit more of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with the Auction, the Bring & Buy Stall and the Continuum Goodies.

Can you tell me about the Auction?
This year the auction is being held on Sunday afternoon 2pm to 5pm in the Dinning Room.
Ace Auctioneers Rick Meints and Mike Mason will lead the auction. We do get special, unique and rare offered by the Guests of Honour and by the publishers attending Continuum as well as items from those organising the freeforms and other games.
Attendees bring items that are of interest to the membership and furious bidding wars often take place and the spectacle is worth seeing.
The auction uses some simple rules to keep it moving swiftly:

If you have items (lots) to sell please endeavour to register them before the convention, note that the deadline for pre-registering is 5pm Monday 28th July 2008.
You can download the form here
On the sheet you are asked to mark down the percentage contribution to the convention fund (20% to 100% of the item sale price) - if you leave this blank then we will assume you are happy to contribute 20% of the item sale price to the con.
When filling in the sheet, please complete all the information requested and then email it to Mike Mason at
Note that the Committee reserves the right to remove any items from the auction without consultation with the seller. At the convention, bring your items for the auction to Mike Mason between 9.30am to 11.00am on Sunday morning at Continuum Central. Items should correspond to the re-registration sheet and each item should have an auction label attached (magic tape or bagged accordingly).
If any of your items do not sell you must collect them at the close of the auction (approx. 6pm) in person, showing your receipt. Any items not collected at this time will be disposed of.
If any of your items did sell, then you will be sent any monies owed to you after the convention – it is essential that your name and address are clearly written on the pre-registration form!

If you wish to bid on an item during the auction hold your hand up high and keep it up until the either item sells (to you) or the price rises too high for you. Winning bidders must immediately pay he amount bid to the auction cashier (cash, cheque or card).
If you intend buying more than a couple of lots, you can get an auction bid card before the auction starts from the auction cashier. Items won by you will be held to one side until the end of the auction, when you must pay the total for all the lots you have won to the auction cashier.

Tell me about the Bring & Buy Stall?
To help you dispose of your old gaming gear, books, DVDs, and games there will be a Bring and Buy Stall in the Traders Hall. The Bring and Buy stall is also your chance to get yourself a bargain or find an out-of-print book or game. Some items not eligible for the auction will be sold on the Bring and Buy stall instead.

Bring and Buy Stall rules
20% will be deducted from the sale price and donated to Continuum
Non-collection of money will be taken to mean that the seller wants all the money to be donated to Continuum.
Non-collection of items will become the property of the Bring and Buy Coordinators and will be donated to a future Bring and Buy stall at Continuum 2010.
No refunds or returns on items as they are bought and sold as seen
Goods should be complete. In exceptional circumstances, incomplete goods will be accepted. In this case goods should be marked with what parts are missing.

We, the Bring n Buy organisers... 
Will do our best for security but hold no responsibility for lost or stolen items, everything is left at the owner's risk
Will not pay out or allowed goods to be collected unless the collector has retained their half of the raffle ticket, thus proving ownership
We cannot give people advice on prices 
We  have taken sellers at their word that items are complete (unless marked) and are not held responsible if they are not. 
We  will begin paying out at the time agreed and not before unless circumstances are exceptional.
We may refuse any Bring and Buy item(s) they deem unfit, or if they believe the item(s) is/are part of the 3rd parties.

Optional rule
We At the discretion of the Bring and Buy stall staff "Haggling" and if the agreement box on the form is TICKED by the seller.

The Sellers...
Must know what they wish to sell for (i.e. the price) and should not ask for advice from the organisers.
Must retain their half of the ticket(s) given to them.
Will collect their cash and/or unsold items at the times specified.
When collecting unsold items) must not take them off the table without informing the organisers and having them checked off against the logbook.
Items and/or cash cannot be collected without the raffle ticket(s) being retained.
Must accept that whilst all is done to prevent loss the organisers are not responsible for any losses, thefts or damages etc. - all items are left at their owner's risk.

Tell me about the Continuum Polo Shirts?
We are proud to present the Continuum 2008 polo shirts embroidered with the full Continuum logo. The shirts come in the 'Standard Gamer' bottle green colour with the logo done in silver and red. You also have the chance to personalise your shirt with your name monogrammed on it. The names should be simple two word names please, no long titles or slogans. Sizes of the polo shirts are from Small to Extra Extra Extra Large.
You can pre-order and pay for those merchandise items in advance.
Close-up view of the logo:
Pullout views on the polo shirts:
Polo Shirts with full embroidered Continuum logo - £20.00.
Polo Shirts with full embroidered logo and monogrammed name - £25.00.

The deadline for monogrammed pre-orders should be Friday 14th July 2008.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Some more Continuum FAQ

A some more of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.

This section deals with Games and game sign-up.

How do I sign up to games?
The freeform games and some of the early bird games will have had on-line booking before the convention. It will be very rare for you to get in one of those games at the convention unless someone has dropped out. It is always worth asking though if you are still interested, may be you could be put down as a reserve?
Most other games will have sign-ups at the convention. In the 'street', the main corridor located through the conference facility building is the notice boards with the sign up sheets for each game. You read through the descriptions, check the times and then write your name clearly in the space provided. If the game is full and you are still interested in it then write your name down in the reserve list. Sometimes people cancel or drop out of a game so you still my have chance to play.
Only sign up for games that you are WILL attend. Watch out for clashes with other events you may be involved with.
If you are unsure about what game to sign-up for please ask a committee member for advice, as we may be able to hook you up with a good game.
Please remember that some attendees just wander along the sign-up sheets with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other so make sure you do get in early at the sheets.

Do I have to pay for games?
For most games, no.
Most games have been organised by volunteers or other delegates so their time to GM has been given free. If you enjoy the game you have played in it is usually good form to buy the GM a drink to show your appreciation.
However freeform games do require a small fee to be paid [either at the on-line sign-up or at registration on arrival] to cover administration and printing costs. Full costings and details for each freeform game will be issued at each game's sign-up.
Also the Guest of Honour games will raffle off places so payment is required to join the raffle. Details about the raffles for each GoH game will be issued on the Continuum website and in the delegate packs.

How do I avoid clashes?
If you are worried about event or game clashes then it is simple. Do Not Worry.
There are going to be clashes, as we cannot schedule every single event, seminar, panel, workshop, freeform, tabletop, war, board, and card game one after the other. Everything has to be crammed into one weekend. Sorry but that is the way it is. 'Your Favourite Game'™ may be on the same time as the very exciting panel on "Armoured Squirrelrats and Their Tales" that is also on at the same time as the other 'Your Favourite Game'™  is being run. It can't be helped though we can try to make things easier for you and get you to the games/events you want to go to. If anyone has any concerns about potential event clashes then please contact a Continuum committee member first and we will try to alleviate your fears. Getting the large freeforms into place correctly is important, as they are the backbone of our programme. Other events can be tailored around them quite easily, either they repeat over the course of the weekend or we can move them to their optimum time. We can be quite flexible with the resources available to us. Just remember that the GMs and people running these events are doing this voluntary. Please note also that as most of the large freeforms are for 30, 40 or 50 players. That is less than 25% of the total attendees at the convention. That means during the freeforms over 75% will be running or available to participate in all sort of other tabletop games, wargames, board games, card games, demo games, seminars, workshops, panels, events, or just wandering along the sign-up sheets with a beer in one hand and a pen in the other.

What are the rules concerning weapons?
The first rule is 'if you are in any doubt about bringing weapons then DON'T!'
No weapons will be tolerated at the convention.
We have to take this stance due to the large number of tragic incidents involving replica guns or other weapons and armed police.
Leicester Constabulary WILL take no chances with weapons and will respond with deadly force.
The final word is if you need a weapon as part of a costume then buy a cheap plastic sword or very obvious brightly coloured water pistol from a toyshop or market stall. It will only cost a couple of quid and it will look just as good if not better.
We will expect you to behave reasonably in this matter but we will take a very dim view if you break any of these rules.

Can I bring my own Character to play a game?
Unless the game description states that your own characters are acceptable and you have agreed it before hand with the GM leave your characters at home.
Many gamers make the classic faux pas of bringing their cherished home campaign character with them to a convention. I will tell you straight that no one will be interested in looking at your character.
The games will all have pre-generated characters provided and if you turn up on time for the game you may be able to chose a character that suits you. Most games will have carefully prepared pre-gens so usually your own beloved Gnome Illusionist/Bridge Player dual class character will not be required.
Some games will have character generation at the start [such as some of the HeroQuest games]. This will allow you to create your own character and give you more of a say in the game.

What are the difficulty levels of some of the games?
Most all games on offer are newbie friendly. Or they claim to be. Much of that depends on the GM!
Always read the descriptions of the games on the sign up sheets. If it says 'Beginners Welcome' then this is a demonstration game that showcases part of a particular game or game world. The GM will either give you a run through of the basic mechanics of the game or will keep the mechanics 'invisible'; that is the GM will do all the working out using the rules and then tell you the result allowing you to concentrate on the role-playing.
If the game description asks for players that have comprehensive knowledge of that particular games rules or setting then you will need to have that knowledge. If you join the game not having the knowledge you may struggle with the mechanics or the rules or not understand even the basic nuances of the setting. This can hold up the game for everybody as the GM stops to explain things to you and some of the player, including yourself, will get very frustrated and the game will not be as fun.
Most games will expect you to have some fundamental familiarity with them although most will be using fairly simple scenarios and settings by their very nature of being convention games.
If you are in any doubt then ask the GM or check it over with a committee member, as we may be able to help you.

Do I need to know the rules for the games I play in?
Some familiarity with the rules for most games will help although for the most part although a lot of games are demo games that showcase the rules or the setting.
If you are proficient with the rules of a game then that will certainly help you. However just remember that the GM may have different interpretation of some of the rules or may be using a different edition. It is bad gaming etiquette to pull up the GM on a ruling or to contradict what the GM says.
If he asks for your help or if you offer to help the others players get up to speed then that will be appreciated and will stand you in good stead.

The Sign-up Boards
There's a huge number of games on offer this Continuum. There's a lot of you, a lot of space and a lot of time. It's going to be good.
We aim to keep it simple both to run and play in a game at Continuum. For the vast majority of games you simply need to post up your game on the sign up boards at reception to allow potential players to sign up to play. Spare sign up sheets are available at the boards. We run a simple slot system. Games will run during one of the slots to help you plan your convention. Games are neither required or expected to fill up an entire slot, but should happen during it and finish by the end of the slot, as players may well have other things to do next.

What are the Gaming Slot timings?
To ensure that most games do not clash or overlap unnecessarily they will take place in designated gaming slots.
Most games will be filled by sign-up at the convention. We will print out all the sign-up sheets [in full colour!] for Continuum games that we get notice in advance. Pop over to the website to check out the ones we are aware of. We'll keep a close eye on the sign-up boards as they fill throughout the convention so that we can help people find a game.

Here are the gaming slots:

14:00 -18:00 Game Slot 1
20:00 - till late Game Slot 2

10:00 - 13:00 Game Slot 3
14:00 - 18:00 Game Slot 4
19:30 - till late Game Slot 5

10:00 - 13:00 Game Slot 6
14:00 - 18:00 Game Slot 7
19:30 - till late Game Slot 8

Some special demo games will run throughout the convention. These will also be advertised on the boards and also in the programme.
The programme indicates where you can game. Any room that is allocated to 'open gaming' and coloured light blue on the main schedule is a place where you can run your game. There's no booking, just find a space, there is plenty of it. The accommodation blocks also have spaces in the kitchen areas to game. Fingers crossed for good weather and you can set-up outside too. Players are usually collected at the sign up boards
So, if you want to play, just go to the sign-up boards and sign up for a game or more. They'll be sorted by time so you should quickly find games running in a slot that you have free. If you're struggling to find a game then look me up and I'll help you out.

Games, space, time, Continuum. It can't be that easy can it? Oh, hang on, it can!

How do I run games?
You will need to contact Graham Spearing as soon as possible at:
If you'd like to run an Open Module, freeform, board game, miniatures game, wargame, boardgame, or whatever, then please let us know so that we can try and schedule and publicise these. Ideally we will want to know the following:
Here's the template to use when you post up your game:

The name of the adventure
The system that it uses
GM Name
Max number of players
Any qualifiers on players
(optional - if this is left out then I'll assume the default that anyone can play - but you may be looking for a narrower section of the convention, perhaps people experienced in a particular game or setting, or it may be unsuitable for younger players - there could be some.)
Your preferred time (this is also optional and anticipate that this will be included later)
A teaser trailer description of the game Around 500 words max to sell your game to prospective players.

The sooner you let us know, the better the chance is that we can fit you into the schedule.
The deadline for inclusion in Continuum's Programme Book is Friday 18th July 2008.

I would like to run a game of XXXXXXXXX. Can I do this?
Of course. All games for all systems are welcome. You can turn up at Continuum Control and just ask for a sign-up/game information sheet and fill in the details and post it on the main notice board.
Blank sign-up sheets will also be available at the sign-up boards.

What is the 'Orange Cone Manifesto' thing I have heard about?
Unfortunately some games do not fill up and yet some players are looking for game once the gaming slot starts.
Small orange cones [the type for football training] are put on gaming tables if the game isn't full to mark that players can drop into the game. The cones sit in the places where the players would.
So if only 4 players are signed up for a 6 player game, the GM can have two orange cones sitting on the in the two empty places. If a player joins the game they just remove the cone and sit in its place. After a while if no players are really available to join, like half way through, the GM just removes the cones and puts them under his chair.
Put Out A Cone When... 
* You start a game that needs players and/or can add more players. A demo or a game anyone can join anytime may always have a cone out, or 
*  You are in open gaming, have a game(s) in front of you, and are willing to play with new arrivals, or 
* You're in the last few minutes of a game which you will restart soon (less than 5 minutes), and can add more players at restart.
Remove The Cone From The Table Promptly When... 
*  All possible game positions are filled, or 
*  Game play advances to the point where you can't add new players.
Cone Protocol and Hints: 
*  Put cones well out-of-sight, under your chair or table, and a gopher (or another GM who needs one) will come and pick them up. Do not set them on adjacent tables! 
* Please ask your players to refrain from playing with the cone. Just leave it on the table. 
*  Don't assume that your game is full simply from the sign-up sheet. People tend to over-subscribe, so count bodies, not sign-ups. You do not need to hold positions open for late sign-ups if they are not there. 
*  Please do not remove cones from the room or use them to mark boundaries, as decorations or as game components. 
*  If there is someone hovering around your coned game, ask them if they want to play. If someone sits down at your coned game, assume that they are playing!

Can I download Sign-up Sheets before the convention?
Yes you can at:

I want to organise a Seminar/Panel/Event that is not strictly gaming?
If you have an idea for a Seminar/Panel/Event you'd like to host, something our esteemed guests should be hosting - or any other theme for a panel you'd like to see happen, contact Colin Driver at:
and we'll see what we can do.

Tell about the 'Podcasting' recordings of the seminars and panels?
Paul Maclean of 'Yog-Radio' and Darran Sims of 'One Man and his Dice' will be recording many of the seminars, panels and even a few of the games. These will be broadcast over the internet, exact URLs will be posted on the Continuum 2008 Yahoo! Group
We would like to ask you bear that in mind in regards to language and excessive noise. Avoid talking over any current speakers and make your questions clear.
Those that do not want to be recorded can make that known before the seminar starts.

How do I find a gaming group or other gamers in my area?
At Continuum Control you'll find the Continuum Contacts Board, where other delegates are encouraged to post their contact details, and information relating to games they run, or want to run, or want to join, after Continuum's finished. A large map of the UK will be displayed and you can even put pins in it to mark your location.
Take a look: you may find someone or a group that's not far from where you live, and this may lead to new friendships and gaming experiences.

Friday, 18 July 2008

A little bit more Frequently Asked Questions

A little bit more of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with food and drink.

Where can I get food and drink from?
There are shared kitchens in the accommodation blocks with coffee/tea making facilities. Breakfast is served in the main dinning hall between 8am until 9.30am. There will be a canteen style lunch served in the main dinning hall that you can purchase at 1pm until 2pm. A dinner will also be served for cash sales between 6.30pm and 8pm, on the Sunday a carvery style Sunday roast will be served.
There is a local ASDA [open Mon-Sat 8am -10 pm Sun 10am - 4pm] and there are selections of eateries, pubs that serve food and restaurants in Oadby itself.
We will make a special recommendation of the India Cottage Indian Takeaway on the Parade! There are also other fast food outlets for pizza and burgers, although you have to travel a bit further, down the Parade and left past St Peter's church to find a Chinese restaurant that is also highly recommended by the committee. Most of these places will deliver, and the prices are very reasonable. We will have a selection of menus in Continuum Control.
If you are on a budget there is also a Wetherspoons pub, called 'Lord Keeper of the Great Seal' [a name that calls forth Great Cthulhu himself!] that does good food and beer.
Sometimes it does you good to get off-site for a while and relax away from the hectic pace of the convention.

What are the breakfast times?
Breakfast is served in the main hall from 8am until 9.30am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Please do not wait until the last minute to go down as the kitchen staff may have started clearing away.
Breakfast itself is of the wonderful, greasy full English variety that will stick to the inside of your ribs like nobody's business.

What are the lunch times?
The canteen style lunch is served between 1pm and 2pm in the main hall on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a small but varied menu and there will be a vegetarian option. The prices will vary for each selection of the menu.

What are the dinner times?
The canteen style dinner is served between 6.30pm until 8pm in the main hall on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a small but varied menu and there will be a vegetarian option. The prices will vary for each selection of the menu.
On Sunday there will be a carvery style Sunday Roast meal available as well.

What are the bar times?
The bar opens at 2pm on the Friday afternoon and closes at 1am the following morning.
On Saturday it opens at 11am and again time is called at 1am.
On Sunday it opens at 11am and closes at 1am.
There will be plenty of choice of real ales as well as the usual lagers, ciders, draught Guinness, bottled beers, and alcohol-pops.

Can I bring in my own food and alcohol?
We advise you to try to get regular meals and to drink plenty of fluids during the weekend. We wouldn't want you to collapse from lack of food, sleep deprivation or dehydration as it does mess up the venue somewhat.
As there are shared kitchens in the accommodation blocks you can buy in food from the local ASDA or the local Salisbury's. The kitchens have a basic two-ring hob and a microwave as well as a basic selection of crockery and cutlery.
You can also order in takeaways and we do have menus from some of the local eateries, fast food restaurants and takeaways. We just ask that you clear away your pizza boxes, food cartons and other mess.
As these venue sites are licensed premises please do not bring and consume your own alcohol in the public areas.
You can only buy alcohol off the premises for consumption in your own room [or your friends room].
Do not wander around the premises with your own booze please.

Can I hold late night parties in my room?
If you are having a drink and a quiet chat with a few friends and are showing consideration of those that are sleeping in the neighbouring bedrooms then yes. Please remember that sleep is your friend.

A bit more Continuum 2008 FAQ

More of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with registration and the accommodation.

Where and how do I register?

The registration desk is located in the main foyer area of John Foster Hall just past the main entrance. It is easily spotted as it has a registration sign.

The times are:
Friday 1pm until 5pm.
Saturday 10am until 4pm.
Sunday 10am until 2pm.
You will get issued your delegate pack and your name badge. If you are playing in any freeforms you will also be issued your players pack for each then as well. If you haven't paid in full yet, then you'll be asked to pay the balance at registration. The delegate pack will contain a programme book, a copy of the programme, a delegate survey questionnaire, a chain loop for your name badge, game flyers, and details of local pubs, restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets.
If you've pre-ordered a Continuum Super Bundle that consists of a polo shirt, 'Liber Newtus', 'Shreds of Light and Reason', and ‘Hearts in Glorantha’ that'll be ready for you to collect.
You will also have the opportunity to purchase a copy of ‘Liber Newtus’ and ‘SOLAR Book’ Continuum Con Books at a spectacular introductory price of £15.00 each. There will be some more Continuum polo shirts for sale at the desk but there is only be a limited number so get them fast.
You will be then directed to the University’s reception desk where you will get issued your room key [do not lose this! It will cost you £20 for a replacement key] by the University staff and instructed where your room is located in the venue site.

Can I arrive later than Friday afternoon?
If you know that you are going to be late or arriving on Saturday or Sunday please let us know. If the desk is closed please make your way to the rear of the main facility building, down the stairs and on to the committee room. It will be labelled ‘Continuum Control’. One of the committee will be on duty and will be able to register you in.
Those wanting day passes you should report either to the registration desk or to the Continuum Control.

Can I arrive before registration starts?
If your travel plans mean that you will arrive before registration we certainly wouldn’t want you to change them. However on the Friday we will be setting up all morning getting the venue ready for the weekend. Then we will be at a committee lunch meeting off-site to finalise the small details before the convention starts. It will just mean that you will have to wait until we are ready at 1pm.

Is there cash machine on site?
Unfortunately there isn’t a cash machine on site and we do NOT have credit card machines – you’ll need plenty of cash for the Trade Hall and Auction!
If you are coming by train there are several cash points at Leicester railway station so you can get a cash injection before getting to the con.
There are two more cash points at ASDA about 800 yards around the corner and you can always get cash back at the tills. There is a Link cash machine at the petrol station at the bottom of Stoughton Drive, near the Race Course, but that may charge you for the service. Also there are more cash points in Oadby itself [as the 21st Century has got there by now] on the Parade, the main street in Oadby: HSBC, Halifax, Barclays, NatWest, and Alliance and Leicester. The pubs and hostelries do except card payment for meals [especially the Wetherspoons pub].

Do I get an itinerary of events?
You will be given a copy of the latest programme though please be aware that it is subject to change.
The programme book will have a description of every known event and game in it as well as a programme table for each day. There will also be some advice about surviving the con if it is first time at a role-playing convention [or if you always suffer at conventions]. It also has mug shots of the Guests of Honour and the committee members as well as articles on gaming, scenarios, game settings, stories and gaming advice.

What are the rules concerning smoking?
John Foster Hall and all the accommodation blocks are completely non-smoking areas as governed by the Law. You will not be permitted to smoke in any of the buildings, in the common areas, in the bar or even in your own rooms. However you are allowed to smoke outside in the grounds.
Sand buckets for putting out your cigarettes have been placed in strategic locations. There are several on the main patio, outside the main entrances and outside each accommodation block as well.
We would ask you to appreciate the University’s rules in this matter and dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly.

How do I find my way around the venue site?
Included in the programme book are maps showing the site and environs as well as floor plans of the main buildings. Signs will also be up so that you can find areas that are mentioned in the programme. You can also explore the grounds and the surrounding area but please do try to keep out of the private staff areas like the kitchens, the staff common room, the bottomless pit, and the Doomsday Laboratory.
There are pictures of the venue that you may find useful at Darran’s Flickr website at: ... 421716341/

Tell me about the accommodation?
The accommodation is located in separate blocks a small distance away from the main hall. In line with the prestigious venue the accommodation is far superior to what we have had before at other Conventions in Leicester. The accommodation blocks are of a more modern design and are situated around well-kept lawns.
The Conference Facilities Building is centred amongst the new and very modern development that consists of several pavilion style accommodation blocks.
Each pavilion block is four-stories high and each floor contains two flats. Each flat has four or five single occupancy en suite bedrooms and a shared kitchen and lounge.
This means that a group of five friends can share a flat together as they share the communal space together but also five strangers can occupy a flat as each bedroom has its own key.
The kitchen is fully functional with fridge/freezer, microwave, electric oven, electric kettle, iron, ironing boards, vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, and a selection of cutlery and crockery. There is also a large kitchen table with five chairs as well as plenty of worktop space for food preparation. A full list of contents will be posted nearer the time of the convention.
Just off the kitchen is the lounge area. The lounge has a large window lets in plenty of daylight. There are five comfy lounge chairs and a small coffee table making this a nice place to relax in. There are ten chairs in total in the kitchen/lounge making it very useful for running games in, you can either be in the lounge or around the table in the kitchen. There is plenty of space to move about, even for those of us who are ‘standard gamer size’!
With each flat having this extra space ideal for gaming this opens up the possibility that more games can be ran during the convention. Just book the time and space with your flatmates first. Advertise your game with pavilion name and flat number and your gamers can arrive at your pavilion and ring your doorbell to be let in. Or just run the game for all your flatmates, whether you know them or not, simple!
You will be issued a set of keys when you register at the main reception desk in the Conference Facilities Building. The main key will open the door to your flat as well as your own bedroom door. The little key will open the post box in the pavilion entrance foyer and the key fob itself will open the main door to the pavilion electronically. The flats are numbered 1 to 8 while the bedrooms in each flat are lettered A to E.
All accommodation will be single occupancy bedrooms with en suite bathroom. You will be issued a set of towels and some basic toiletries but you will need to bring with you your own wash kits, bathrobes and other personal hygiene items. The bathroom will have toilet roll and the single bed will have fresh bed sheets, two pillows with fresh pillowcases and a duvet with bedspread.
There is a desk in your bedroom with built-in drawers, shelves by the window, a desk lamp, mini-kettle with a small selection of tea/coffee condiments, two power sockets, a phone, and an Internet connection. We do not currently have a list of the charges for using the phone or connecting to the Internet as yet.
Next to the desk is a medium-sized wardrobe with space to hang clothes as well as plenty of shelves to store folded clothes or other items.
The en suite bathroom, consisting of toilet, washbasin and shower cubicle, is located as you enter the bedroom. It has its own lockable door and is light and airy.

The good thing about this accommodation is that it is brand new. Very little wear & tear would have happened over the two years that it has been opened and even students will treat things better when they are new!

Do not lose or misplace your key. [It will cost you £20 for a replacement key].
As we have said the rooms are basic but it is not like you will be spending much time in them with all that is going on is there?!?

Is there anywhere to lock away valuables?
We have not got a facility to store away valuables under lock and key. The only place to safely store such items is in your room.
Keep your money and your bankcards on your person at all times.
Do not leave your bag or your belongings unattended.
If you have something that is really expensive or its sentimental value is though the roof do not bring it to the convention.

Do I need to bring any bedding, towels, etc?
The bedrooms will have the beds made up ready for you when you arrive with clean sheets and blankets.
There will also be a set of towels on your bed.
If you like your creature comforts in bed however then we suggest bringing some extra pillows or a duvet with you if you can spare the space in your luggage.
We would suggest you bring your own bath towel, toiletries and a deodorant/antiperspirant with you. A bathrobe if you have one would be a good idea as well if you intend to walk about the flat after a shower!

What are the checkout times for the rooms?
On your day of departure the checkout time is 09.30am. Just hand your key into the University’s Reception when you have vacated your room.
Please make sure you have collected up all your belongings. If you have travelled by car it may be worth you loading up your vehicle before the checkout time especially if you are staying for part of the day.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

More Continuum 2008 FAQ

p>More of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions
This section deals with the committee and Guest of Honour details.

Who are the Committee?
If you need to contact anyone about Continuum or any related topic these are the people. Though each has their own area of expertise there is a deal of over-lap. If in doubt who to contact then contact them all.

Lawrence Whitaker - Committee Chair
Chairman, Convention Finance, Convention Book
Involved with Continuum since its inception and previously part of the Convulsion committee, Loz has been active in role-playing for more years than he cares to recall when sober. He is currently one of Mongoose Publishing's staff writers, working on RuneQuest, Glorantha, and the Eternal Champion RuneQuest series of games. Before that he freelanced for Chaosium on the Eternal Champion line. A regular convention attendee he can be found propping up, or being propped-up by bars at Tentacles, Concrete Cow and Furnace.

Colin Driver - Event Tsar
Seminars, Panels, Events, Miniature Games and Convention Timetable
Freeform collaborator, artist, Gwenthia writer and Glorantha's official Cartographer, Colin hails from London and is the token Southerner of the Committee. Dropping out briefly to raise two kids, he's a regular convention goer and, like Loz, has been with Continuum since it's beginning. Colin particularly enjoys miniature painting, tabletop RPG's, on-line gaming, a pint of lager and a good curry, though not necessarily in that order.

Simon Bray - Freeform Tsar
Freeforms and Mailing List Management
Simon has been a regular at Convulsion and Continuum since 1992. As an artist of Gloranthan products and a writer, he became a frequent guest at the convention before joining the Committee in 2006 as the Freeform Tsar. Simon is passionate (if not obsessive) about gaming, and gets cranky without a weekly fix. Part of the Unspoken Word publishing team, he is also the Art Editor for Moon Design and an MIB for Steve Jackson Games, as well as writing freeforms in his sadly lacking spare time. Simon tries (but ultimately fails) to keep himself out of trouble. Although his activities have yet to shame the Committee, he is wanted in several small European countries under their indecency laws and has been disowned by half his family.

Mike Mason - Auctioneer
Auction and Registration
Mike was found at an unknown age, washed ashore near Walberswick, and has convincingly passed himself off as human for over thirty years, even going so far as to work in the gaming industry and produce several products, including Dark Heresy, Purge the Unclean and the Inquisitor's Handbook, as well as (the yet unpublished) Death & Glory expansion for Talisman. Mike has been given, from time to time, to fits of romanticism, leading to self-publishing a Call of Cthulhu fanzine (The Whisperer), working as a freelance writer and editor and setting up the (now purged and excommunicated) Kult of Keepers. When not researching esoteric matters, Mike can be found playing 'food brinksmanship' with Keary Birch and discussing the finer qualities of White Russians with Paul Fricker. Mike is also known for surviving as both a player and GM in Evil Gaz's Gaming Group (TM) and for having set up the critical, yet friendly Role Players Social website.
Mike has been a member of the Continuum Committee since its inception, circa 2004, which is a bit of busman's holiday given that he used to manage Games Workshop's Games Day & Golden Demon.

Graham Spearing - Games Tsar
Role-playing Games, Card Games and Board Games
Graham doesn't just write adventures, he becomes them. In a long and rich tapestry of role-playing experiences, his journey to Continuum, a 7th level Chivalry & Sorcery numerologist and a '13' on the random encounter table is now showing for an extended run at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. As Continuum's tabletop gaming organiser, Graham sits in a lotus position at the centre of the Gamist-Narrativist-Simulationist model, embracing all games in an environmentally friendly reduced wattage crimson glow. In Graham's multifaceted Continuum all dice shapes are welcomed, especially zero sided ones.
Tell him what result you get on a d0, you may find it illuminating.

Darran Sims - Customer Service Tsar
Customer Service, Programme Book, Treasury and Management
Darran is a Devoted husband, Grandfather of seven, Artist, Cartographer, and keen HeroQuest narrator. As a RPG Convention List Compiler he attends six conventions per year across Europe. His work as an Entertainment Venue Manager means he gets to meet the equally famous and obscure of Britain's popular culture. Darran has a small mischievous streak (that is a mile deep!) and often boarders on pure schadenfreude. With a penchant for drawing weapons he is certainly not a man to cross. As Treasurer of the Continuum Committee some may say he is tight with money - and they'll be right!

Who are the Guests of Honour?
We have possibly the best ever line-up of Guests of Honour at this year's Continuum. We have people that were instrumental in shaping the role-playing industry in its infancy as well as re-shaping the industry now. Read their biographies below and check out their Role-playing game credits at the Pen & Paper database as well, they make interesting reading.

Greg Stafford
What's there to say about Greg? Creator of Glorantha, President of Issaries, Pendragon architect, mythicist, shaman, teacher, High Priest of the First Church of Elvis...
Except... we're thrilled to announce that Greg will be at Continuum, talking Glorantha, HeroQuest, and, of course, Pendragon. But why settle for just the talking when we could be getting him to run games? Indeed, Greg will be GMing not one, but two limited-place scenarios (HeroQuest and Pendragon) during Continuum.
Role-playing game credits:

Mark Galeotti
Once again, we're delighted to welcome Mark as a Continuum Guest of Honour. A long-time friend of the convention he is well known as a Gloranthan alumnus, Chief Lunar, and Mythic Russia's Tsar. As well as engaging in all manners Gloranthan and Mythic Russian.
What news about the Unspoken Word will he bring?
Role-playing game credits:

Charlie Krank
Chaosium's God Emperor is making a return visit to Continuum, and who are we to deny him the right? Charlie was incredibly popular guest last time around, and we're thrilled to welcome him back. We're hoping to lure Charlie into some game-running this Continuum (can you spot a theme emerging?), but we also know he'll be happy to keep us appraised of what's happening Chaosium-side and to enjoy a few pints of Guinness in the bar with those wanting to chat and reminisce.
With the release of the new BRP core rulebook interest will be increased.
Role-playing game credits:

Angus Abranson
As well as having featured in the Dork Tower cartoon strip, Angus is a Director of He also runs his own publishing & events company Cubicle 7 Entertainment, who not only publishes the SLA Industries & Victoriana Role-Playing Games but also organises the Dragonmeet Convention in London. A contradiction within himself, Angus is still aiming to discover that he is actually the Messiah and not just a very naughty boy.
Role-playing game credits:

Jeff Richard
Guild of Calamitous Intent
Jeff's origins are shrouded in mystery and he appears to be a guest for the sole fact that he is seemingly known throughout the gaming world. Perhaps that is because he was once ordered to shoot a kangaroo while drunk and got punched by Kurt Cobain in his own flat.
Others say it is because of his efforts to exorcise the demon who plagued Glorantha. Jeff likes to think it is because of his childlike innocence and modesty. Jeff is a co-author of 'HeroQuest 2.0'™ and group leader of the forthcoming 'Cults of Sartar'™ book and 'Pavis: Gateway to Glorantha'™.

Matthew Sprange
The voice, and co-founder, of Mongoose Publishing - the most successful and prolific British RPG company, er, ever!
We're pleased to welcome Matthew as part of the development team behind the brand new edition of RuneQuest. Matthew's bringing with him the Mongoose Demonstration Squads for RuneQuest, and will no doubt be sharing Mongoose's vision of the future for the RuneQuest game.
Role-playing game credits:

Sandy Petersen
A gaming legend: creator of 'Call of Cthulhu', one of the classic role-playing games; a guiding force behind Glorantha and many of the classic-era RuneQuest publications such as Vikings, Sandy has also made a name for himself as one of the developers of ID Software's Doom phenomenon. It's been some time since Sandy's paid the UK a visit, and we welcome him back with open straitjacket.
Role-playing game credits:

Rick Meints
President of Moon Design, Gloranthan archivist, collector, Guinness fan, and the Eternal Auctioneer, Rick is a lifelong friend of both Convulsion and Continuum, and simply a great personality to have at any convention. Rick's tireless devotion to Glorantha has injected a new energy and drive into HeroQuest, and we know that Rick's champing at the bit to reveal his Master Plan and, at the same time, unveil the latest HQ releases, especially HeroQuest 2.0!
Role-playing game credits:

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions

 So I have finished the Continuum 2008 FAQ and posted it up on various websites and forums.

You can find it here:

I have also posted it to the Tavern forum here:

to UK Role Players forum here:

and on Yog-Sothoth here:


Some general rules for getting the most out of Continuum...
1. Study the programme - note what events are happening and when; decide what panels you want to attend.
Plan your weekend!
2. Study the sign-up boards for games that interest you - note any clashes with panels or other events: don't sign-up to a game that you know, or think, you'll drop out of at the last minute!
3. Don't deliberately sign-up for multiple games that overlap or clash just to secure a place. This is frustrating for GMs and other players who will commit to playing but find all the spaces gone.
4. Please be aware of your behaviour. Everyone wants to have fun at Continuum, but we will not tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour, whether from the sober or the drink-inspired. Remember that there are families and youngsters here - and that the convention is in a residential area, too. Continuum reserves the right to ask anyone behaving in an unacceptable manner to leave the convention (and we really, really don't want to be placed in that position!).
5. If you're stuck for something to do, find a Mentor. They'll be wearing big colourful badges and are both friendly and approachable - don't hesitate to make use of them!
6. Come and see us at Continuum Control if you're still unsure - the committee will do its utmost to get you into something we think you'll enjoy.

Where is it being held?
It is being held at John Foster Hall at the University of Leicester.
University of Leicester,
John Foster Hall,
Manor Road,

What are the running times?
1pm Friday 1st August 2008 until 11am Monday 4th August 2008.

Do you charge an entry fee?
A day pass without accommodation costs £18.00 per day for either Friday [this is half a day so £9.00], Saturday or Sunday.
Membership to the convention will only cost £35.00 for the whole weekend.
Single room accommodation with shared washroom facilities costs £30 per night with breakfast for all three nights or £35.00 if only staying for one or two nights.
Single room accommodation with en-suite washroom facilities costs £35 per night with breakfast for all three nights or £40.00 if only staying for one or two nights.
We did have a VERY limited number of twin-rooms available but again they sold out within days of the registration opening.

Can I pay the membership and arrange my own accommodation?
No, although you can pay on the door and obtain a Day Pass (£18 per day). If you simply want to attend for the day, print-off and return the Registration Form, along with a cheque for the appropriate amount. Your Day Passes will be available for collection from either the Registration Desk or Continuum Control at the convention itself.

The price seems a little expensive?
Perhaps, but part of our agreement with Leicester University is to guarantee a certain number of residential guests. If we fail to meet the minimum number, we incur a surcharge, and this means charging more for Continuum Membership and/or more for accommodation, and/or Day Passes or a combination of all three.
Although this is student accommodation and thus fairly basic, it compares quite favourably with local B&B and hotel rates. You're also on-site, so thus no further travel costs or other worries (like how far you have to stagger having hit the bar pretty hard that evening, or a disapproving landlady who insists on locking the front door at 10.30pm).

How many twin rooms are available?
Less than double figures - hence the First Come... rule. It's always worth confirming availability in advance...

Can I be roomed close to my friends/enemies/loved ones?
Of course. Let us know whom you'd like to be close to (or far away from) and we'll try and Make It So.

How is John Foster Hall for disabled access?
Very good. John Foster is fully equipped for the disabled, with adapted rooms and facilities. There are two lifts to the upper floors and every room throughout the building is accessible. Even in the accommodation blocks there are lifts to each floor. The only restricted areas are the upstairs gaming rooms at Ashcroft House and Treroose House.

How many years has Continuum been running?
This is the third role-playing game convention called ‘Continuum’; the first took place in 2004 and the second in 2006. However Continuum follows in the tradition of the great ‘Convulsion’ conventions that have run every two years since 1992 the last one being in 2002.

How do I get there?
There is a comprehensive set of travel advice and directions on the University of Leicester website at:

Photobucket By Car
The following directions are straight from the University Site and are subject to clear roads, road works, correct signs etc.

From M1/M69
• Exit off Junction 21 M1/M60 roundabout on to A5460.
• Filter left on to A563 Leicester South and East (Lubbesthrope Way).
• Continue straight on to A563 Outer Ring Road (Soar Valley Way).
• After 3.5 miles take 2nd exit off roundabout on to A6 South (Leicester Road).
• Follow signs for University Halls and filter left on to Stoughton Drive South.
• Just under a half of a mile on is a crossroads. Turn right into Manor Road.
• Less than 200 metres on the left is Foster Hall (signposted).

From A6 South
• Follow A6 (Leicester Road) towards Leicester.
• At Leicester Racecourse roundabout take 3rd exit towards A6 Market Harborough.
• Follow signs for University Halls and filter left on to Stoughton Drive South.
• Just under a half of a mile on is a crossroads. Turn right into Manor Road.
• Less than 200 metres on the left is Foster Hall (signposted).

From A6 North
• Continue on A6 (Loughborough Road) towards Leicester.
• Follow Central Ring Road A594 towards Market Harborough /Leicester Railway Station.
• Pick up A6 towards Market Harborough.
• Follow signs for University Halls and filter left on to Stoughton Drive South.
• Just under a half of a mile on is a crossroads. Turn right into Manor Road.
• Less than 200 metres on the left is Foster Hall (signposted).

From A47 North
• Follow A47 (Uppingham Road) towards Leicester.
• Turn left on to Spencerfield Lane (becoming Evington Lane).
• At traffic lights turn left towards A6030 Leicester South (Stoughton Drive).
• Take 1st exit at 1st roundabout.
• Take 2nd exit at 2nd roundabout on to Stoughton Drive South and continue.
• About half of a mile on is a crossroads. Turn left into Manor Road.
• Less than 200 metres on the left is Foster Hall (signposted).

There is also a road map of the area at:
Also if you are driving to the venue you could also use a route planner or map finding utility such as:
The AA Route Planner
The RAC Route Planner
Just type in the address and postcode above to get your map or route and remember to print off your return journey also.

By Rail
Leicester Railway station is the closest [and easiest] to get to and as it is a major station there are usually plenty of taxis in the rank outside. Ask for the Halls Of Residence NOT the University of Leicester. The fare to John Foster Hall will cost about £7 or so. If you are travelling with others then this cost could be shared.
Should there not be any taxis outside the station there are some mini-cab phone numbers you may find useful.
ABC Taxis – 0116 255 5111.
City Taxis - 0116 255 5222.
West End - 0116 270 0678.

Is there on-site parking?
Car parking is scattered throughout the accommodation blocks at John Foster Hall so good news for unloading you’re your rooms. There is also an overspill car park at Stamford Hall, a little further down Stoughton Drive. See map.
You can also park in the side streets, but be aware that this is a residential area, so park carefully and don't cause an obstruction to the locals. We'd ask you NOT to park at the front of John Foster Hall. We need access for various traders and others who are bringing lots of goodies as well as deliveries to the Hall. If in doubt, find a committee member, and we'll direct you to a parking spot.
Please, remove all valuables from cars, etc. Continuum will not be held liable for thefts or damage.

What are these Day-Glo orange signs on the lampposts?
On the lampposts near the venue will be posted Day-Glo orange signs pointing the way to the John Foster Hall.
They will be posted on the A6, London Road, Stoughton Drive South, Manor Road, Stoughton Drive, and Knighton Grange Road.
If you see one you’ll know that you are close! The numbers on the signs are a countdown so ‘5’ is still some way off, ‘3’ is getting close and ‘1’ is very close.

How and where do I sign-up to Continuum 2008?
Details will be up on the Continuum website at:
We can accept Credit Cards via Paypal or the more traditional form of payment by cheque. Cheques made payable to: ‘Continuum’ and sent post-haste to:
Symonds Green Road

How can I identify staff?
The Continuum committee will introduce themselves, the Guests of Honour and the Friends of Continuum [now know as FoCs] at the opening ceremony. Also their name badges will have ‘committee’ on them in yellow lettering. Also there are mug shots and a brief biography of each in the Programme book. We avoided having ‘STAFF’ emblazoned on the back of the T-shirts ;-)
The university staff will be either be in uniform or will be wearing name badges. Please be respectful to those hard working staff as it is with their help that this convention is such a friendly place and a success.

Any more questions?
If you have any further questions or enquiries that are not covered in the comprehensive list above then please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dark Troll in ArtRage 2.5

So I have been playing around with ArtRage 2.5, an excellent paint and art style programme that allows you to use actual painting and drawing techniques instead of point and click as other programmes do.
Also its price is pretty fantastic; Corel painter costs about £269.00 and Adobe PhotoShop costs £3242384931284901834918 so at $25.00 ArtRage is a very good buy.
It works with layers, its interface is simple but intuitive and the artwork looks and feels like the real thing [but without the mess and the setting up]. I have played about with the paint, chalk, airbrush, and palette knife; scribbling around like a three-year old kid.

So I had an old sketch of a Gloranthan Dark Troll I had laying about so I scanned it in and did some work on it. Just using the pencil and palette knife tools it has come out nicely with a graded shading across the whole body. There are a few parts I am not happy with but it is a bit of a learning curve. The results are below:

Dark Troll small

The next stage is to use the sketch to do a painting of the troll and maybe add armour and more details.
This sketch is also in the first edition of 'Hearts in Glorantha'.