Sunday, 16 October 2011

Guests of Honour at Continuum 2012

We are proud to announce the Guests of Honour that will be joining us at Continuum 2012
We feel have one of the strongest line-ups of Guests of Honour for our 20th year anniversary Continuum in 2012 covering a wide range of games and settings.
So with no further ado we shall introduce them in reverse alphabetical order:

Guest Of Honour - Lawrence Whitaker
Lawrence is one-half of The Design Mechanism, the company formed with Pete Nash to produce and publish the next edition of RuneQuest. In former incarnations he has freelanced for Chaosium and worked as a staff writer for Mongoose Publishing. The more observant among you might also remember him from previous Continuums and Convulsions.

Loz is delighted to be helping the Leicester Convention move into its twentieth anniversary and intends celebrating the journey with games, seminars and a fair amount of socialising.

Guest Of Honour – Jeff Richard
Jeff Richard is the editor-in-chief for Moon Design Publications and one of the lead writers. He’s the co-author (with Greg Stafford) of a half-dozen Gloranthan publications including Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and the Sartar Companion.
Jeff is rumoured to reside in fortified bunker somewhere deep in Berlin.

Guest Of Honour - Sandy Petersen
Sandy Petersen, while working for the RPG company Chaosium, designed and developed the award-winning Call of Cthulhu game. Sandy also co-authored many RuneQuest supplements; most notably the critically acclaimed Trollpak and a number of other fine Glorantha supplements.

Sandy also worked for Microprose, where he is credited for work between 1989 and 1992 on the games Darklands, Hyperspeed, Lightspeed, Sid Meier’s Pirates! and Sword of the Samurai.
Sandy joined id Software about 10 weeks before the December 1993 release of DOOM and in that time created 19 levels for it. He later created 17 of the levels for DOOM II, and 7 levels for Quake. His Lovecraftian influences also affected some of the monster design for these games.
In June 1997 Sandy joined Ensemble Studios. There, he has worked as a game designer on several of their Age of Empires titles, including Rise of Rome, Age of Kings, Age of Mythology, and The Conquerors.

Guest Of Honour - Pete Nash
Despite a hat that suggests a certain level of impudent stupidity, Pete is the other half of The Design Mechanism. Formerly a staff writer with Mongoose Publishing, Pete is the ENNIE award winning author of 'Rome: Life and Death of the Republic' and a lifelong practitioner of armed combat. A Continuum and Convulsion veteran, Pete is intending to help make Continuum 2012 memorable by promoting RuneQuest's sixth edition, running demonstration games and participating in all manner of informative and riveting seminars. Good single malt whiskey may also play a part.

Guest Of Honour – Rick Meints
President of Moon Design Publications, Gloranthan archivist, collector, Guinness fan, and the Eternal Auctioneer , Rick is a lifelong friend of both Convulsion and Continuum, and simply a great personality to have at any convention. Rick’s tireless devotion to Glorantha has injected a new energy and drive into HeroQuest, and we know that Rick’s champing at the bit to reveal his Master Plan and, at the same time, unveil the latest HQ releases.

Guest Of Honour - Robin Laws
Robin Laws has been designing games for a living since 1993.
His notable credits include the hit RPG Feng Shui, Rune, Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering, Dungeon Master’s Guide II for D&D, Stunning Eldritch Tales for Trail of Cthulhu, Glorantha: The Second Age for Mongoose’s RuneQuest, and The Esoterrorists for the GUMshoe System.

Robin is the author of over a dozen role-playing sourcebooks and adventures, and a contributor to many more. His publishers include Wizards of the Coast, FASA, Atlas, Pelgrane, Pinnacle, Mayfair, Issaries, Mongoose Publishing, and Steve Jackson Games.

Robin lives in beautiful Toronto with his lovely wife Valerie.
In his secret identity, he indulges his interest in cinema and continues to accumulate an alarming number of CDs.

Guest Of Honour - Mark Galeotti
Historian, scholar, game designer and tea-drinker, Mark is a true Renaissance Man, which is singularly appropriate given what he’ll be bringing to Continuum 2012. A long-time friend of Continuum, Professor Galeotti is delighted to be able to make it back from New York to his native soil (and even more delighted to be able to get the hell out before the Olympics).

He’s been the Acquisitions Editor for Issaries, written and edited a range of HeroQuest books, produced Mythic Russia and is now working on 1510, a Wordplay rpg set in an alternative Renaissance Italy, where Leonardo da Vinci’s clock-punk technology battles with Vatican Inquisitors, Venetian spies, French armies and Florentine traitors.
Mark will be running The Art of War for us, an epic new freeform in this Renaissance setting and bringing more historical fantasy to Continuum.

Guest Of Honour - Angus Abranson
Angus Abranson is the Founder and a Director of games publisher Cubicle 7 Entertainment who are one of the most prolific publishers around today. Publishing a mix of their own games, licenses and games on behalf of a host of partner companies Cubicle 7 are perhaps best known for their Middle Earth RPG “The One Ring: Adventures over the Edge of the Wild” and their “Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space” RPG based on the cult BBC TV series.

Cubicle 7 also publish a range of Call of Cthulhu books in their “Cthulhu Britannica” and “World War Cthulhu” lines as well as their BRP/Mythos “The Laundry” based upon the novels of Charles Stross.
Working with over 30 partner companies, as well as a number of licenses, Angus is in charge of their New Business and Partner Development, as well as their Board and Card Game side.

Angus worked at legendary games shop ‘Leisure Games’ for over 20 years, helped launch Valkyrie magazine in 1994 as well as having worked with a number of other RPG magazines and is also runs the Dragonmeet games convention in London and the Gameforce Network.

He currently lives in Wiltshire near ancient stone circles and works in Oxford near ancient seats of learning.