Friday, 31 July 2009

My HeroQuest games I am running at Furnace 2009

0 Furnace 2009. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK
Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th October 2009.

Here are my HeroQuest games I am running at Furnace 2009 later this year.


'Street Urchins of Ancient Pavis' by Darran Sims narrated by Darran Sims.
Mythic Glorantha: HeroQuest 2.0 adventure for up to 6 players.
Newcomers very welcome. Maturity preferred.

"Abandoned by Family, Ancestors and the City itself, the street urchins have a very hard existence in the shattered remains of Ancient Pavis. They live on the discarded scraps from the city dwellers and *other* denizens of the Rubble, a place where life is very, very cheap.
The only future they have to look forward to is a quick death somewhere in the unforgiving ruins of this once splendid city.
The River Flock has a nice hidey-hole under the Sculpture Garden, a safe haven in this deadly world. Yet many of the street urchins are turning up dead, their bodies discarded.
Now a stranger in red is poking around the upper entrance.
Just what is he after and is he responsible for the deaths of the other urchins?"


'Cropcircles and Lights Out' by Darran Sims narrated by Darran Sims.
Supernatural: HeroQuest 2.0 adventure for 5 players.
Newcomers very welcome. Maturity preferred.

"Police reports are coming in from Fulton County, Georgia of cars driving at night without their headlights on. When helpful members of the public flash their lights in courtesy to warn the drivers they become victims to the drivers.
All that seems to be left are the abandoned cars with their headlights smashed out. No trace of the occupants have been found. Forensic reports do confirm that the blood found in the broken headlights is canine, not human.
Are these incidents related to the gang tags found in the recent spate of crop circles that also plague the area?"


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Midweek Character - Aang: The Last Airbender

Here is a character that could be fun to play - not used it yet but I can see using the setting would be easy with HeroQuest.
Sorting out the Airbending magic would be so easy and the crucial things are the relationships of the characters.

This is the starting character of Aang at the beginning of Book One - Water.


Aang's Story

"Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in 100 years... Not looking forward to that... "

"I laugh at gravity all the time. Haha! Gravity."

"Walking stinks! How can anyone get around without a flying bison?"

As the last Airbender, only known survivor of the Air Nomads, Aang’s great destiny is to become the Avatar, master of all four elements and bring peace to the Four Nations. Though Aang would rather search for adventure, a life full of fun experiences, not heavy responsibilities. Aang generally acts in a playful, carefree manner, he does become more serious during crisis and danger. Aang's desires are as simple as the animals he loves; his giant sky bison, Appa, and his winged-lemur, Momo.

Aang dislikes being regarded as the mythical Avatar as wherever he goes, always the focus of attention.

100 words


The Avatar

Last Airbender


Dislikes being the Focus of Attention

Shirks Heavy Responsibilities

Only Known Surviving Air Nomad


Carefree manner


Serious During Crisis

Simple Desires


Evades Zuko [Adversary]

Friend to Sokka

Loves Animal Followers

Only Known Surviving Air Nomad

Unrequited Love for Katara


Acts Well in Danger

Great Destiny

Life Full of Fun Experiences

Must Master All Four Elements

Search For Adventure

Seeks to Bring Peace to Four Nations



Giant Sky Bison


Winged Lemur


Standard of Living: Common 13

ITEMS:- Glider-stave, Sleeping gear, Monk robes.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Reaching Moon Missionaries - HeroQuest Demo Team

Reaching Moon Missionaries

Reaching Moon Missionaries is the official organisation sponsored by Moon Designs for HeroQuest Core Rules demonstration narrators and game masters.
The volunteer game masters will help promote HeroQuest Core Rules and other Moon Designs products at conventions, game shops, game meets, etc, by running games and talking about HeroQuest.

Reaching Moon Missionaries will be a global organisation and will provide help, support and encouragement for its members, whether experienced veterans or new to the game.
Benefits will include a points awards scheme to reward the members that will give discount on Moon Designs products and to get new play-test material and sneak-peeks at works in progress.

Interested HeroQuest game masters should contact Darran Sims
darransims AT gmail DOT com

Or visit the website:

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Midweek Character - DeStephano

So here is the last of The Betty crew members. DeStephano was one character I added later to the mix. A martial character who is AWOL from the Alliance military who also has some experience of the dodgy dealings that the Alliance commits in secret research. This is important for the plot line in my 'Left For Dead' story arc.


DeStephano's Story

“I thought you were dead.”
“Begging your pardon, Sir, but F*CK YOU!”

Vincent DiStephano is the recent convert to the crew of The Betty. He was veteran Alliance soldier on protection detail to ‘Special Military Research’ at secret bases on remote planets.

DiStephano is strong and physically fit and socially privileged. He is familiar with Parliament conspiracies having seen many unfold. When one of these backfired, despite conflicting loyalties he allied with the Betty who was bringing in illicit cargo to the base he was guarding at the time. He owes Elgyn his life as he rescued him when base the destroyed by the Alliance. He fears his past will catch up with him so doesn’t get emotionally attached to anyone.

Words 109


Former Alliance Trooper 5M

Smuggler 12


Conflicting Loyalties 15M

Fears Past Will Catch Up 5M2


Alliance Space Corps [Contacts] 8M

Special Military Research [Adversary] 3M

Alliance Admiralty [Adversary] 15M

Parliament [Adversary] 5M2

Battle Unit [Former Member of] 5M

Former Comrades [Mourns] 5M

The Betty’s Crew [Loyal to] 19

Black Market [Contacts] 13

Underworld [Contacts] 13

Elgyn Rane [Indebted to] 12M


Brave 5M

Callous 12

Cunning 13

Devil-May-Care 12

Emotionally Detached 20

Hates Alliance 5M

Loyal 5M

Self-Centered 17

Obedient 5M

Resilient 15M


Distrusts Researchers/Scientists 5M

Guard Cargo 5M

Handle Illicit Cargo 19

Identify Foe 15M

Knows Parliament Conspiracies 19

Knows Remote Planets 19

Knows Secret Bases 1M

Lookout 5M

Owes Elgyn His Life 10M

Physically Fit 9M

Protection Detail Tactics 5M

Seen Conspiracies Unfold 10M

Scouting 10M

Socially Privileged 20

Strong 8M

Use Newtech Weapons 15M

Veteran 19


Standard of Living: Common 13

WEAPONS:- Knife, Newtech Pistol, Spare Ammo.

ITEMS:- Ident Card, Fake Permits, Old Uniform & Insignia.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Scimitar - 16

This sword has a nicely balanced curved blade yet is slim and light as well. A simple ring guard, a curved handle and a shapely pommel are the main details.
This is for a skilled swordsman with no ostentatious demands.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Midweek Character - Vriess

I haven't posted for a while but I will give you another of The Betty crew from the film Alien: Resurrection.
Vriess is the engineer aboard The Betty. Vriess was disabled from the waist down as a result of shrapnel injuries sustained on the swamp planet Kawlang and was bound to a motorised wheelchair. Despite being handicapped, Vriess still remains a valuable member to the crew of The Betty, such as using his wheelchair to smuggle weapons and stealing parts to maintain the ship.


Vriess’ Story

“Wanna check the chair?”

“They never check the chair”

“The Kawlang Manoeuvre, right?”

Vriess is the Betty's chief mechanic. Though his legs are paralysed, he hasn't allowed this infirmity to interfere with his work. Vriess has strong arms with that he climbs and crawls over the hidden parts of the ship. Vriess uses his re-vamped, motorised wheelchair that has hidden weapons and guns concealed within its workings. He is not above using his vulnerability to gain ill-placed sympathy to get his way but he never tricks his crewmates.

Vriess has a murky past from that he still keeps many criminal contacts.

In stressful situations Vriess provides comic relief, something that helps him deal with his unrequited love for his friend Call.

108 words.


Chief Mechanic 5M

Murky Past 15


Legs Paralysed 5M2

Never Tricks Crewmates 1M

Unrequited Love for Call 5M


Curious 5M

Cunning 15

Inspired 5M

Meticulous 5M

Patient 5M

Suspicious 15

Tinkerer 5M


Gang [Former-Member of] 17

Former Comrades [Friends of] 17

The Betty’s Crew [Loyal to] 19

Black Market [Contacts] 15

Underworld [Contacts] 15

Criminal Boss [Contacts] 15

Parts Supplier [Contacts] 5M

Junkyard Owner [Contacts] 5M

Trusted By Elgyn 10M


Adapt Technology 15M

Climbs 4M

Comic Relief 19

Conceal Weapon 19

Crawls 19

Deals with Stressful Situations 19

Kawlang Manoeuvre 19

Knows Hidden Parts of Ship 5M

Nothing Interferes with Work 15M

Overcome Infirmity 5M

Repair Anything 20M

Strong Arms 5M

Take out Frustration on Objects 15M

Understand Function 5M2

Uses Vulnerability to Gain Ill-placed Sympathy 19


Re-Vamped Motor 19

Weapons concealed in its workings 19

Tough 19

Speedy 5M


Standard of Living: Common 13

WEAPONS:- Hidden Guns, Hidden Weapons, Knife, Wrench.

ITEMS:- Fake Papers, Assortment of Loot, Assorted Tools, Spare Parts, Overalls, Wheelchair

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Thursday, 2 July 2009

RPG Convention listing for UK and Europe

Here is a list of RPG conventions take will take place in the UK and Europe.
Some have yet to have their dates confirmed.

0 AmberCon UK '09. Harben House, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, UK.
Friday 10th - Sunday 12th July 2009

0 PaizoCon UK 2009. Aston University Business School, Birmingham, UK.
Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th July 2009

0 Sceaptune Games Open Games Day. Shipton Bellinger Sports & Social Club, Tidworth, Hampshire, UK.
Saturday 25th July 2009.

0 Constitution 2009. New Hall, Cambridge, UK.
Friday 31st July - Sunday 2nd August 2009.

0 Ropecon 2009. Dipoli, Espoo, Finland.
Friday 31st July - Sunday 2nd August 2009.

0 Confess 2009. Southern Hotel, Sligo, Ireland.
Friday 18th - Sunday 20th September 2009.

0 CONcrete Cow '09½. Old Bath House, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, UK.
Saturday 19th September 2009.

0 Furnace 2009. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK
Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th October 2009.

0 Game '09. Palace Hotel, Manchester, UK.
Friday 16th - Sunday 18th October 2009. ... 1856348190

0 Spiel 2009. Messe Essen, Essen, Germany.
Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th October 2009.

0 GamesFest 4. The Watford Colosseum, Watford, UK.
Saturday 24th October 2009.

0 OddCon 2009. Park Inn, Telford. UK.
Friday 30th October - Sunday 1st November 2009.

0 Chimeriades 2009. Lycée agricole Legta Valabre, Aix-en-Provence, France.
Friday 30th October - Sunday 1st November 2009.

0 Dominicon N SPAAAAAAAAACE!!! 2009. N.U.I Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland.
Friday 13th - Sunday 15th November 2009.

0 Indiecon' 09. Holbourne, Naish, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Thursday 12th - Monday 16th November 2009.

0 Curious Consequences. Holbourne, Naish, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Thursday 19th - Sunday 22nd November 2009.

0 Dragonmeet 2009. Kensington Town Hall, London, UK.
Saturday 28th November 2009.

0 Ludicrus '09. Kesgrave Community Centre, Ipswich, UK.
Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th December 2009.

0 WarpCon XX. University College Cork, Ireland.
Friday - Sunday January 2010.

0 Conception 2010. Naish Holiday Village, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Wednesday 27th - Sunday 31st January 2010.

0 Conflagration 2010. Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow. Scotland.
Saturday – Sunday February 2010.

0 Leprecon XXXI. Goldsmith Hall, Pearse St. Dublin 2, Ireland.
Friday 5th - Sunday 7th March 2010.

0 Itzacon VI. NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland.
Friday - Sunday March 2010.

0 Conpulsion 2010. Teviot Student Union, Edinburgh University, Scotland.
Saturday 26th - 28th March 2010.

0 Dragonmeet Midlands 2010. Derby Assembly Rooms, Derby, UK.
Saturday 10th April 2010.

0 Student Nationals RPG Championships 2010. Heriot Watt, Edinburgh, UK.
Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th April 2010.

0 Salute 2010. ExCel, London, UK.
Saturday 24th April 2010.

0 Beer & Pretzels XXI. Town Hall, Burton-upon-Trent, UK.
Saturday - Sunday May 2010.

0 UK GAME EXPO 2010. The Clarendon Suites, Stirling Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK.
Friday 4th - Sunday 6th June 2010.

0 Continuum 2010. John Foster Hall, Leicester University. UK.
Friday 2nd - Monday 5th July 2010.