Saturday, 12 November 2011

New Guest of Honour at Continuum 2012

We have an additional Guest of Honour to announce!
It is with great pleasure that we introduce Neil Gow.

Guest Of Honour - Neil Gow
Neil is the man behind Omnihedron Games and their award-winning Napoleonic games, Duty & Honour and Beat to Quarters. A vocal member of the UK's independent games publishing community, Neil has also worked as an international community manager and organised play coordinator for Precedence Publishing and Comic Images in the ccg world. This will be Neil's first time at Continuum so be gentle with him!

Neil spends his non-gaming time as a college business lecturer and lives on Tyneside with his long-suffering wife, his relentlessly geeky daughters, a cat that thinks it's a dog and a hamster that thinks it's a ninja...