Thursday, 16 July 2009

Midweek Character - DeStephano

So here is the last of The Betty crew members. DeStephano was one character I added later to the mix. A martial character who is AWOL from the Alliance military who also has some experience of the dodgy dealings that the Alliance commits in secret research. This is important for the plot line in my 'Left For Dead' story arc.


DeStephano's Story

“I thought you were dead.”
“Begging your pardon, Sir, but F*CK YOU!”

Vincent DiStephano is the recent convert to the crew of The Betty. He was veteran Alliance soldier on protection detail to ‘Special Military Research’ at secret bases on remote planets.

DiStephano is strong and physically fit and socially privileged. He is familiar with Parliament conspiracies having seen many unfold. When one of these backfired, despite conflicting loyalties he allied with the Betty who was bringing in illicit cargo to the base he was guarding at the time. He owes Elgyn his life as he rescued him when base the destroyed by the Alliance. He fears his past will catch up with him so doesn’t get emotionally attached to anyone.

Words 109


Former Alliance Trooper 5M

Smuggler 12


Conflicting Loyalties 15M

Fears Past Will Catch Up 5M2


Alliance Space Corps [Contacts] 8M

Special Military Research [Adversary] 3M

Alliance Admiralty [Adversary] 15M

Parliament [Adversary] 5M2

Battle Unit [Former Member of] 5M

Former Comrades [Mourns] 5M

The Betty’s Crew [Loyal to] 19

Black Market [Contacts] 13

Underworld [Contacts] 13

Elgyn Rane [Indebted to] 12M


Brave 5M

Callous 12

Cunning 13

Devil-May-Care 12

Emotionally Detached 20

Hates Alliance 5M

Loyal 5M

Self-Centered 17

Obedient 5M

Resilient 15M


Distrusts Researchers/Scientists 5M

Guard Cargo 5M

Handle Illicit Cargo 19

Identify Foe 15M

Knows Parliament Conspiracies 19

Knows Remote Planets 19

Knows Secret Bases 1M

Lookout 5M

Owes Elgyn His Life 10M

Physically Fit 9M

Protection Detail Tactics 5M

Seen Conspiracies Unfold 10M

Scouting 10M

Socially Privileged 20

Strong 8M

Use Newtech Weapons 15M

Veteran 19


Standard of Living: Common 13

WEAPONS:- Knife, Newtech Pistol, Spare Ammo.

ITEMS:- Ident Card, Fake Permits, Old Uniform & Insignia.

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