Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New HeroQuest logo

I was asked to come up with a logo for the new HeroQuest core rules and other future products by Moon Designs.
I did several designs that used the Gloranthan runic writing font of the old logo as well as other lettering styles.
None of them really worked that well though I was happy with the different textures and colours I came up with for the letter fill.

Then I looked back at the lettering styles of the old Chaosium boxsets for 'Pavis' and the 'Big Rubble'.

I did like that font style though I didn't have it myself.
So I decided to design my own from scratch, using the old font as a starting point but changing the style somewhat. I added a slight curve to the base of the serifs and fattened the letters more.
I added a metal trim to the edge of each letter to give it a 'classy look' and used the textured fills I had come up with earlier to solidify the lettering. A white highlight was added to give them a shiny look and I added a shadow to give it a solid dimension.

To finish it off I did a line of runes across the top to give it a retro look. This design has half Gloranthan runes and the other half symbols drawn from other possible genres and settings [The new HeroQuest rules are genric now, not just tied to Glorantha].

I have done variations to the main design so any colour can be used. The red does suit the cover for the core rules but other cover art may need a different colour to set off the logo. We have several different marble like textures and colours as well as some metal textures that will suit other works better.
Also for solely Gloranthan products the line of runes will be purely Gloranthan ones.



The new HeroQuest logo

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