Thursday, 1 January 2009

Midweek Character - Lance Corporal Jack Jones

A day late but another great player character, this one is from the greatest TV sitcom of all time, Dad's Army.
The few games I have run have been very intense role playing experiences though very funny at the same time.

Corporal jones

Lance Corporal Jack Jones' Story.

"Permission to speak, sir"
"They don't like it up 'em!"

A veteran soldier, with many years service (and medals) to his name, Jack Jones is loaded with ‘long’ stories of adventure and heroism. He served with General Gordon and Lord Kitchener becoming very fond of the cold steel bayonet; “they don’t like it up ‘em”.

Jones runs the local butchers shop and he converted his butchers van as troop transport though as the Captain says “his experience will stand us in good steak er... stead”.

Loyal to the Captain he will volunteer for every mission. When things go wrong he gets in a flap “Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!”

His ambition in life? - to marry Mrs Fox.

107 words



Volunteer for any mission

Impress Captain Mainwarring at all times

Keep the men in line

Earn the respect of the men

Tell a great story [or three] to the platoon



Lance Corporal 5M

Butcher 1M



Ambition to Marry Mrs Fox 19

Bayonet 1M

Clumsy 15M

Converted Butchers Van Troop Transport 19

“Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring!” 15M

Easily Gets in a Flap 10M

Flappable when Things Go Wrong 3M

Fond of Cold Steel Bayonet 3M

Fought Along Side Lord Kitchener 19

“His experience will stand us in good steak er... stead” 17

Loaded with ‘Long’ Stories 5M

Loyal to Captain Mainwaring 17M

Many Medals 19

Many Years of Service 19

Old Veteran 19

Panics 19

Seeks Adventure & Heroism 17

Served with General Gordon 5M

“They Don’t Like It Up ‘em” 12M

Under the Counter Meat Rations 18

Volunteer for Any Mission 13M

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