Monday, 27 October 2008

Tentacles 2009 to be the last

Tentacles is such a fantastic RPG convention held every in a beautiful castle above the Rhine. Dedicated to Chaosium and Issaries publications it has been running for over ten years and goes from strength to strength each time.

Unfortunately it looks like the 2009 event will be the last.

"Hey Everybody,

if you attended the Rune Quest society on Essen's toy trade show you will already know. I just talked to a guy who is on the board. Next year's Tentacles will be the last as Fabian doesn't want to run anymore. He didn't like that too many people were just meeting up and drinking instead of really playing. Also, less and less Germans attended the con.
There will probably be some kind of follow-up in a different place in a different style, but the details are still unclear. He said they wanted to keep the guests of honour, but when I asked about Simon's English freeforms, among other things, the person I asked didn't know how that would work out.
What a shame and let's hope next year is going to rock like hell! "

There is a detailed discussion over at the Tavern here.

More photos on my Flickr site.

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