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A bit more Continuum 2008 FAQ

More of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with registration and the accommodation.

Where and how do I register?

The registration desk is located in the main foyer area of John Foster Hall just past the main entrance. It is easily spotted as it has a registration sign.

The times are:
Friday 1pm until 5pm.
Saturday 10am until 4pm.
Sunday 10am until 2pm.
You will get issued your delegate pack and your name badge. If you are playing in any freeforms you will also be issued your players pack for each then as well. If you haven't paid in full yet, then you'll be asked to pay the balance at registration. The delegate pack will contain a programme book, a copy of the programme, a delegate survey questionnaire, a chain loop for your name badge, game flyers, and details of local pubs, restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets.
If you've pre-ordered a Continuum Super Bundle that consists of a polo shirt, 'Liber Newtus', 'Shreds of Light and Reason', and ‘Hearts in Glorantha’ that'll be ready for you to collect.
You will also have the opportunity to purchase a copy of ‘Liber Newtus’ and ‘SOLAR Book’ Continuum Con Books at a spectacular introductory price of £15.00 each. There will be some more Continuum polo shirts for sale at the desk but there is only be a limited number so get them fast.
You will be then directed to the University’s reception desk where you will get issued your room key [do not lose this! It will cost you £20 for a replacement key] by the University staff and instructed where your room is located in the venue site.

Can I arrive later than Friday afternoon?
If you know that you are going to be late or arriving on Saturday or Sunday please let us know. If the desk is closed please make your way to the rear of the main facility building, down the stairs and on to the committee room. It will be labelled ‘Continuum Control’. One of the committee will be on duty and will be able to register you in.
Those wanting day passes you should report either to the registration desk or to the Continuum Control.

Can I arrive before registration starts?
If your travel plans mean that you will arrive before registration we certainly wouldn’t want you to change them. However on the Friday we will be setting up all morning getting the venue ready for the weekend. Then we will be at a committee lunch meeting off-site to finalise the small details before the convention starts. It will just mean that you will have to wait until we are ready at 1pm.

Is there cash machine on site?
Unfortunately there isn’t a cash machine on site and we do NOT have credit card machines – you’ll need plenty of cash for the Trade Hall and Auction!
If you are coming by train there are several cash points at Leicester railway station so you can get a cash injection before getting to the con.
There are two more cash points at ASDA about 800 yards around the corner and you can always get cash back at the tills. There is a Link cash machine at the petrol station at the bottom of Stoughton Drive, near the Race Course, but that may charge you for the service. Also there are more cash points in Oadby itself [as the 21st Century has got there by now] on the Parade, the main street in Oadby: HSBC, Halifax, Barclays, NatWest, and Alliance and Leicester. The pubs and hostelries do except card payment for meals [especially the Wetherspoons pub].

Do I get an itinerary of events?
You will be given a copy of the latest programme though please be aware that it is subject to change.
The programme book will have a description of every known event and game in it as well as a programme table for each day. There will also be some advice about surviving the con if it is first time at a role-playing convention [or if you always suffer at conventions]. It also has mug shots of the Guests of Honour and the committee members as well as articles on gaming, scenarios, game settings, stories and gaming advice.

What are the rules concerning smoking?
John Foster Hall and all the accommodation blocks are completely non-smoking areas as governed by the Law. You will not be permitted to smoke in any of the buildings, in the common areas, in the bar or even in your own rooms. However you are allowed to smoke outside in the grounds.
Sand buckets for putting out your cigarettes have been placed in strategic locations. There are several on the main patio, outside the main entrances and outside each accommodation block as well.
We would ask you to appreciate the University’s rules in this matter and dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly.

How do I find my way around the venue site?
Included in the programme book are maps showing the site and environs as well as floor plans of the main buildings. Signs will also be up so that you can find areas that are mentioned in the programme. You can also explore the grounds and the surrounding area but please do try to keep out of the private staff areas like the kitchens, the staff common room, the bottomless pit, and the Doomsday Laboratory.
There are pictures of the venue that you may find useful at Darran’s Flickr website at: ... 421716341/

Tell me about the accommodation?
The accommodation is located in separate blocks a small distance away from the main hall. In line with the prestigious venue the accommodation is far superior to what we have had before at other Conventions in Leicester. The accommodation blocks are of a more modern design and are situated around well-kept lawns.
The Conference Facilities Building is centred amongst the new and very modern development that consists of several pavilion style accommodation blocks.
Each pavilion block is four-stories high and each floor contains two flats. Each flat has four or five single occupancy en suite bedrooms and a shared kitchen and lounge.
This means that a group of five friends can share a flat together as they share the communal space together but also five strangers can occupy a flat as each bedroom has its own key.
The kitchen is fully functional with fridge/freezer, microwave, electric oven, electric kettle, iron, ironing boards, vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, and a selection of cutlery and crockery. There is also a large kitchen table with five chairs as well as plenty of worktop space for food preparation. A full list of contents will be posted nearer the time of the convention.
Just off the kitchen is the lounge area. The lounge has a large window lets in plenty of daylight. There are five comfy lounge chairs and a small coffee table making this a nice place to relax in. There are ten chairs in total in the kitchen/lounge making it very useful for running games in, you can either be in the lounge or around the table in the kitchen. There is plenty of space to move about, even for those of us who are ‘standard gamer size’!
With each flat having this extra space ideal for gaming this opens up the possibility that more games can be ran during the convention. Just book the time and space with your flatmates first. Advertise your game with pavilion name and flat number and your gamers can arrive at your pavilion and ring your doorbell to be let in. Or just run the game for all your flatmates, whether you know them or not, simple!
You will be issued a set of keys when you register at the main reception desk in the Conference Facilities Building. The main key will open the door to your flat as well as your own bedroom door. The little key will open the post box in the pavilion entrance foyer and the key fob itself will open the main door to the pavilion electronically. The flats are numbered 1 to 8 while the bedrooms in each flat are lettered A to E.
All accommodation will be single occupancy bedrooms with en suite bathroom. You will be issued a set of towels and some basic toiletries but you will need to bring with you your own wash kits, bathrobes and other personal hygiene items. The bathroom will have toilet roll and the single bed will have fresh bed sheets, two pillows with fresh pillowcases and a duvet with bedspread.
There is a desk in your bedroom with built-in drawers, shelves by the window, a desk lamp, mini-kettle with a small selection of tea/coffee condiments, two power sockets, a phone, and an Internet connection. We do not currently have a list of the charges for using the phone or connecting to the Internet as yet.
Next to the desk is a medium-sized wardrobe with space to hang clothes as well as plenty of shelves to store folded clothes or other items.
The en suite bathroom, consisting of toilet, washbasin and shower cubicle, is located as you enter the bedroom. It has its own lockable door and is light and airy.

The good thing about this accommodation is that it is brand new. Very little wear & tear would have happened over the two years that it has been opened and even students will treat things better when they are new!

Do not lose or misplace your key. [It will cost you £20 for a replacement key].
As we have said the rooms are basic but it is not like you will be spending much time in them with all that is going on is there?!?

Is there anywhere to lock away valuables?
We have not got a facility to store away valuables under lock and key. The only place to safely store such items is in your room.
Keep your money and your bankcards on your person at all times.
Do not leave your bag or your belongings unattended.
If you have something that is really expensive or its sentimental value is though the roof do not bring it to the convention.

Do I need to bring any bedding, towels, etc?
The bedrooms will have the beds made up ready for you when you arrive with clean sheets and blankets.
There will also be a set of towels on your bed.
If you like your creature comforts in bed however then we suggest bringing some extra pillows or a duvet with you if you can spare the space in your luggage.
We would suggest you bring your own bath towel, toiletries and a deodorant/antiperspirant with you. A bathrobe if you have one would be a good idea as well if you intend to walk about the flat after a shower!

What are the checkout times for the rooms?
On your day of departure the checkout time is 09.30am. Just hand your key into the University’s Reception when you have vacated your room.
Please make sure you have collected up all your belongings. If you have travelled by car it may be worth you loading up your vehicle before the checkout time especially if you are staying for part of the day.

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