Monday, 30 April 2012

All Continuum 2012 Freeform Sign-ups are now open!

Third, and thus fully open, sign-up's are now active on the Continuum 2012 Freeform Website

From that point on you can sign up for as many games as you think you can manage.

IMPORTANT!! Please note: You will NOT be able to sign up for a freeform game after the 23rd if you haven't paid to attend Continuum 2012.

Once you have paid for Continuum, register on the Continuum 2012 Freeform Website.

Please note: Continuum will not be charging any of the players for playing in a freeform game; all freeform games will have free entry*.

*Some GMs may charge a fee to cover some of their out-of-pocket costs.
For the Game 'The Art of War' there will be a fee of £5 per player to cover costs of props as refreshments.

List of Freeform Games at Continuum 2012.
Best of The Wurst
The Pelorian Song Contest
Collision Imminent!!!!!!!!!!!
Diamond Geezers
Flimsey Turrets
The Linfarn Run
Last Night on the Titanic
The Koenig Dead
Night Train
The Art of War (or, Renaissance and Sensibility)

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