Saturday, 6 March 2010

Gen Con UK is Dead

So over on UK Role Players the news has been announced that Gen Con UK is dead, not just 2010 but the chance of any UK convention taking place under the Gen Con banner.

Adrian Swartout, CEO Gen Con LLC
"Peter and I had a long discussion recently and determined we will not be looking to solicit a license for a Gen Con UK show – or any other country for that matter.
We felt the experience and people brought together by the group working on this project were our “dream team” for the event and if they aren’t able to pull it off, it’s unlikely anyone else would be able to.
Having a licensed event start up and then stop is more damaging to the brand than beneficial so that being said we’re putting the Gen Con UK show to rest."

So where does that leave the UK convention scene?
What will become the flagship RPG convention?
Or will just have to ride the coat tails of the wargaming conventions?

All being well the smaller cons that seem to do it right will continue to thrive.

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