Monday, 15 February 2010

Continuum 2010 Call for Games!

A call for games for Continuum 2010 from Mike Mason.

If you are wanting to run games (rpg, card, board or some crazy new gaming invention) please email me with what you're planing - - once I have everything sorted I'll start posting games up to the main continuum website.
Please feel free to advertise your games here too - but please email me them as well (I will not be checking this site for 'new' games - it's a big internet and I only have so much time to check it ; ) - so without going on and on, if you email me then you'll know I have your game info. Otherwise don't assume that I'll have it.

For every game you pre-rgeister with me and then run at the convention, you'll get a beer token (for a free drink - soft or alcoholic) at the event. The beer token is an original piece of art - Cthulhu drinking a pint of beer - drawn by the brilliant Bob Shaw. It's a collectors item in its own right.


So - to register you game you need to do two things:

1. sign up to attend Continuum (see website for details

2. Fill in a game registration form and send it to me at

Game sign up form available from the website. If you have any problems finding it or filling it in, then you can just email me with the following:

Title of game
Number of players required
When you want to run it (Fri, Sat, Sun - morning, afternoon, evening)
Max Number of Players
Length of Game
Some blurb on what the scenario/game is about (up to 500 words)
Anything else you need to tell me

Thanks for your support and look forward to hearing about some ace games!


Mike M
Continuum Game Czarina

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