Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Midweek Character - Captain Mainwaring

So I thought I would start up my Midweek Character posts again.
Here is another great player character, this one is from the greatest TV sitcom of all time, Dad's Army.
The few games I have run have been very intense role playing experiences though very funny at the same time.


Captain George Mainwaring.
"Just testing you, Wilson."
"There's no chip on my shoulder. I'll tell you what there is though, three pips and don't you forget it."

George Mainwaring is Captain of the Walmington-on-Sea platoon as well as manager of Shallows Bank, Rotarian, and pillar of the community.
Considered pompous and overbearing by many, even referred to as ‘Napoleon’, he is a stickler for protocol. He wants things done his way but gets irritated with any hold-ups to his plans.
His wife Elizabeth constantly plagues him on the phone, he fears her more than the imminent Nazi invasion, though he will not let his men know that!
It is a bone of contention that Sergeant Wilson had the benefit of a private education though it is often Pike that gets his umbrage, "Stupid Boy!"
107 words

Keep men in-line and disciplined.
Win one over on Wilson
Earn the respect of the men
Maintain dignity in all situations
Impress the Top Brass with the Platoon

Captain 15M
Bank Manager 10M

Bone of Contention 17
Constant Phone Calls 13
Cover Up Mistakes 13
Detests being Referred to as ‘Napoleon’ 15
Do It My Way 1M
Easily Irritated 17
Fears Elizabeth’s Scolding 5M
Fears Imminent Nazi Invasion 10M
Feels Under-Privileged 17
Hates Hold Ups & Delays 14
Hides Fear from Men 16
Jealous of Wilson 1M
Likes to Plan 17
Natural Leader of Men 19
Over Bearing 17
Pillar of the Community 19
Plagued by Elizabeth 5M
Pompous 5M
Rotarian 13
Stickler for Protocol 3M
Unleash Umbridge 15
"Stupid Boy!" 10M

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