Saturday, 28 November 2009

Friday, 27 November 2009

My game location at Dragonmeet 2009

This is where my Supernatual HeroQuest games takes place tomorrow at Dragonmeet 2009.
I am in the Upper Foyer right near the lifts.
The game runs from 14:30 until 18:00.

Just who will survive at the end?
The Winchester Brothers? Bobby? Will Ruby get dusted? Will Bela get the loot?


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

[Podcast] Dragonmeet 2008: 'Robin & Ken on Roleplaying Games'

So I have managed to sort out my uploading problems with my podcasts and it seems to be working.
So here is one from last year from Dragonmeet 2008.

This is the first in a series of special recordings from Dragonmeet 2008.
This was recorded at Dragonmeet 2008 at Kensington Town Hall, London, UK on Saturday 29th November 2008.
Ken Hite and Robin Laws talk about writing roleplaying games and their experiences in the roleplaying game industry and hobby. Insightful discussion as the panellist field questions from the audience.
Panellists were Robin Laws, and Ken Hite.

Running Time: 01:02:05.

Dragonmeet 2008: 'Robin & Ken on Roleplaying Games'

Dragonmeet 2008: 'Robin & Ken on Roleplaying Games' MP3 version

Thursday, 19 November 2009

My HeroQuest game I am running at Dragonmeet 2009

0 Dragonmeet 2009. Kensington Town Hall, London, UK.
Saturday 28th November 2009.

This is the HeroQuest game I am running at Dragonmeet 2009.

'Cropcircles and Lights Out' by Darran Sims narrated by Darran Sims.
Supernatural: HeroQuest 2.0 adventure for 5 players.
Newcomers very welcome. Maturity preferred.
Based on the TV series.

"Police reports are coming in from Fulton County, Georgia of cars driving at night without their headlights on. When helpful members of the public flash their lights in courtesy to warn the drivers they become victims to the drivers.
All that seems to be left are the abandoned cars with their headlights smashed out. No trace of the occupants have been found. Forensic reports do confirm that the blood found in the broken headlights is canine, not human.
Are these incidents related to the gang tags found in the recent spate of crop circles that also plague the area?"

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Continuum 2010 registration is open!


I'm delighted to announce that, with effect from tomorrow, 15th November, Continuum 2010 is open for registrations.

The event is to be held at John Foster Hall, University of Leicester, from Friday 2nd July 2010, until Monday 5th July 2010. The registration pricing is as follows:

Early Bird Registration (15th November 2009 - 15th February 2010: £20
Standard Reg (February 16th onwards): £25
En-Suite Room per night: £45
En-Suite for 3 Nights: £120
Twin Room per night: £90
Twin Room for 3 Nights: £240

There are two ways to register:

Via Paypal. Our email address for Paypal payments is Please include the following:

Your name
Number of nights accommodation required, and the nights you'll be staying
Any special rooming requirements (ie, I want be next door to X, Y or Z)

Don't forget that, in addition to the room cost you need to include your registration fee. Thus, a single night would cost £20+£45 = £65. Registration is a fixed fee for the whole weekend - so you don't need to pay a registration fee for each night you need.

Twin rooms are very limited in numbers, but en-suite rooms - and all single rooms are en-suite - are plentiful and comfortable.

If you wish to register by snail mail, a registration form will be made available shortly and we will accept cheque payments. The address to send a paper registration to is:

53 Stepping Lane

We look forward to welcoming you to Continuum 2010 - The Year the Con Made Contact!