Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Midweek Character - Furnit Many-Feather

This is one of my player characters when I took part in a HeroQuest playtest last year.
No 100 words but rather a quick character generation system that allows the players to get into play straight away.

He is a Sartarite Hunter in Pavis - set in Glorantha and a worshipper of the lightning aspect of Orlanth.

No a bad character actually and I had fun playing him even though I am not keen on being a player as I would rather GM.


Furnit Many-Feather
Sartarite Hunter – Zavor initiate Rubble explorer and Gorp killer/fryer.

Sartarite 13
Hunter 13
Zavor Initiate 17

Fry Gorp

Can’t kill anything but Gorp 5M
Big Bar Tab 13

Interviewed for a special scroll on Gorps by Gorgoria [PC]

Burning Lighting 5M
Married to Doug & Dinsdale’s Sister 14
Hates Grita Many-Need [wife] Golden Arches 14
Lightning Bow of Gorp Kill 18
Flirts with Yolanta 14
Shiny Metal Armour 13
Light Darkness 19

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