Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Character sheets for Supernatural TV show game.

So I have designed some character sheets for my up coming Supernatural HeroQuest game.
I went for a police report look, finding a real letterhead for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation plus Georgia court stamps on the web was good.
The mug-shots were hard to do as I had to make up the ones for Bobby, Ruby and Bela, photoshopping the height chart behind them.
Getting the information for the police report was hard as well - date of births for the two main characters of the show was available but it was harder to get info on the others. Some I just had to make up but most info was from the actors themselves.
I then added some more polaroids of items tied to the characters for more genre flavour.

The final touch was using a pentagram symbol in place of the mastery rune - again very genre specific that I thinks adds to the game.

Sam Winchester

Dean Winchester

Bobby Singer

Bela Talbot


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