Monday, 20 July 2009

Reaching Moon Missionaries - HeroQuest Demo Team

Reaching Moon Missionaries

Reaching Moon Missionaries is the official organisation sponsored by Moon Designs for HeroQuest Core Rules demonstration narrators and game masters.
The volunteer game masters will help promote HeroQuest Core Rules and other Moon Designs products at conventions, game shops, game meets, etc, by running games and talking about HeroQuest.

Reaching Moon Missionaries will be a global organisation and will provide help, support and encouragement for its members, whether experienced veterans or new to the game.
Benefits will include a points awards scheme to reward the members that will give discount on Moon Designs products and to get new play-test material and sneak-peeks at works in progress.

Interested HeroQuest game masters should contact Darran Sims
darransims AT gmail DOT com

Or visit the website:

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