Thursday, 9 July 2009

Midweek Character - Vriess

I haven't posted for a while but I will give you another of The Betty crew from the film Alien: Resurrection.
Vriess is the engineer aboard The Betty. Vriess was disabled from the waist down as a result of shrapnel injuries sustained on the swamp planet Kawlang and was bound to a motorised wheelchair. Despite being handicapped, Vriess still remains a valuable member to the crew of The Betty, such as using his wheelchair to smuggle weapons and stealing parts to maintain the ship.


Vriess’ Story

“Wanna check the chair?”

“They never check the chair”

“The Kawlang Manoeuvre, right?”

Vriess is the Betty's chief mechanic. Though his legs are paralysed, he hasn't allowed this infirmity to interfere with his work. Vriess has strong arms with that he climbs and crawls over the hidden parts of the ship. Vriess uses his re-vamped, motorised wheelchair that has hidden weapons and guns concealed within its workings. He is not above using his vulnerability to gain ill-placed sympathy to get his way but he never tricks his crewmates.

Vriess has a murky past from that he still keeps many criminal contacts.

In stressful situations Vriess provides comic relief, something that helps him deal with his unrequited love for his friend Call.

108 words.


Chief Mechanic 5M

Murky Past 15


Legs Paralysed 5M2

Never Tricks Crewmates 1M

Unrequited Love for Call 5M


Curious 5M

Cunning 15

Inspired 5M

Meticulous 5M

Patient 5M

Suspicious 15

Tinkerer 5M


Gang [Former-Member of] 17

Former Comrades [Friends of] 17

The Betty’s Crew [Loyal to] 19

Black Market [Contacts] 15

Underworld [Contacts] 15

Criminal Boss [Contacts] 15

Parts Supplier [Contacts] 5M

Junkyard Owner [Contacts] 5M

Trusted By Elgyn 10M


Adapt Technology 15M

Climbs 4M

Comic Relief 19

Conceal Weapon 19

Crawls 19

Deals with Stressful Situations 19

Kawlang Manoeuvre 19

Knows Hidden Parts of Ship 5M

Nothing Interferes with Work 15M

Overcome Infirmity 5M

Repair Anything 20M

Strong Arms 5M

Take out Frustration on Objects 15M

Understand Function 5M2

Uses Vulnerability to Gain Ill-placed Sympathy 19


Re-Vamped Motor 19

Weapons concealed in its workings 19

Tough 19

Speedy 5M


Standard of Living: Common 13

WEAPONS:- Hidden Guns, Hidden Weapons, Knife, Wrench.

ITEMS:- Fake Papers, Assortment of Loot, Assorted Tools, Spare Parts, Overalls, Wheelchair

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