Thursday, 30 July 2009

Midweek Character - Aang: The Last Airbender

Here is a character that could be fun to play - not used it yet but I can see using the setting would be easy with HeroQuest.
Sorting out the Airbending magic would be so easy and the crucial things are the relationships of the characters.

This is the starting character of Aang at the beginning of Book One - Water.


Aang's Story

"Wow, I haven't cleaned my room in 100 years... Not looking forward to that... "

"I laugh at gravity all the time. Haha! Gravity."

"Walking stinks! How can anyone get around without a flying bison?"

As the last Airbender, only known survivor of the Air Nomads, Aang’s great destiny is to become the Avatar, master of all four elements and bring peace to the Four Nations. Though Aang would rather search for adventure, a life full of fun experiences, not heavy responsibilities. Aang generally acts in a playful, carefree manner, he does become more serious during crisis and danger. Aang's desires are as simple as the animals he loves; his giant sky bison, Appa, and his winged-lemur, Momo.

Aang dislikes being regarded as the mythical Avatar as wherever he goes, always the focus of attention.

100 words


The Avatar

Last Airbender


Dislikes being the Focus of Attention

Shirks Heavy Responsibilities

Only Known Surviving Air Nomad


Carefree manner


Serious During Crisis

Simple Desires


Evades Zuko [Adversary]

Friend to Sokka

Loves Animal Followers

Only Known Surviving Air Nomad

Unrequited Love for Katara


Acts Well in Danger

Great Destiny

Life Full of Fun Experiences

Must Master All Four Elements

Search For Adventure

Seeks to Bring Peace to Four Nations



Giant Sky Bison


Winged Lemur


Standard of Living: Common 13

ITEMS:- Glider-stave, Sleeping gear, Monk robes.

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