Friday, 19 June 2009

Role-playing Questionnaire

So a quick role-playing questionnaire I have stolen off Facebook.
Basically details my role-playing history and my likes and dis-likes in runing games. I hope that you may it informative?

1. What was the first RPG you ever played?
RuneQuest II

2. How long ago?

3. Tell us something about it?
I was introduced by my older brother as I had been drawing some treasure maps. The first scenario was from Chaosium's Apple Lane supplement 'Rainbow Mounds'.
I was playing a Black Fang Brotherhood Assassin who managed to fall off the bridge into the water. The GM, a friend of my brother, then switched to dealing with how my sister was doing with her character.
Only after an hour did he reveal I had been rescued by Newtlings.
After that I brought the rule book along with the RQ box set miniatures from Derby's CoOp. I do remember doing my English Speaking Board exams on Glorantha every year while at school. Since then I have been playing RuneQuest, I remember clubbing together to buy one copy of RuneQuest III from Games Workshop in Nottingham as it was too expensive.
I only switched to Hero Wars in 2000, then onto HeroQuest.

4. How soon after did you start playing a regular session?
Straight away.

5. Which genres have you played?
I tried a bit of most but I prefer good settings rather than genres.

6. Which games have you played?
I am a Chaosium fan boi so I have played all their games - QuestWorlds, Stormbringer, Call of Cthulhu, ElfQuest, RingWorld, Worlds of Wonders and RuneQuest. Now I mainly play HeroQuest.

7. Give a list of some or all of the PC's you've played.
Darsimis, a Yelmalian mercenary who is guarding a couple of dodgy dealing, Lunar merchants who want to make a trade route to Kralorela over the Rockwood mountains in Griffin Mountain.
Keelhaul Whyduh - Bloodbeard Pirate with his own set of Sea Dogs and knowledgeable on the infamous Pirates Code!
Ashanara - A Lunar swirling twin scimitar swordswoman devoted to the Lunar Way and emancipating women everywhere.
Manushi Many-Flight, a noble from Teshnos who is visiting a small charming town next to a delightful ruin. Along with his gigantic Phomia [elephant] called Nippletooth and his Orangatag 'man' servant he has visited several interesting locations in Pavis and the Big Rubble.
Sir Kaulth, an Esvulari knight from Durengard. Started working as a guard for Sir Guis de Brut in Caldvale Manor, a nice pleasant place with no real problems. Then it got really dark quite fast. Ended up wearing vampire armour and fighting machines.
Duran Duranis - a Sartarite warrior and spearman who ended up travelling the whole of Glorantha.

8. What's your favourite genre?
After Glorantha I would say Spaceships with ashtrays like Firefly.

9. What's your favourite game/system?

10. What's your favourite supplement?
King of Sartar by Greg Stafford.

11. Who are your favourite PC's?
see 7 above.

12. Have you GM'ed?

13. Which game did you GM first?
RuneQuest II.

14. How did it go?!
It went well though hit a few snags.
Every time the players defeated a bunch of foes they would sell off the armour and weapons. They would spend the money to get better so I would have to send more foes at them with bigger and better armour and weapons. They would defeat them, sell the goods and get better again so I would send even more enemies with more armour and weapons against them. It just kept going on and on.

15. Which is your favourite campaign that you've GM'ed?
I ma enjoying my Air & Motion campaign for my HeroQuest game as well as my Left For Dead series in my Firefly game.

16. Do you prefer to GM or PC?
I prefer to GM.

17. Which genre that you haven't tried would you most like to try?
I would love to run a party-less game based on War & Peace but with some serious fantasy elements.

18. Which game/system that you haven't tried would you most like to try?
Nephilim RPG.

19. Do you play a typical character of any kind?
I usually play the dark and savage one usually who often plans.

20. What do you like best about role-playing?
The creating of stories together.

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