Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Midweek Character - Ruby

o I haven't posted for a while due to being away on holiday so here is a tasty character to play.

Ruby is a fantastic character in the Supernatural TV series, a wicked character with a possible heart of gold. She is also one of the player characters in my Supernatural HeroQuest game that takes place at Tentacles Omega 2009.
She is a suitable foil for the Winchester brothers and should be able to hold her own in the game even though she is almost an antagonist.


Ruby's Story

"Anyone got a breath mint? Some guts splashed in my mouth while I was killing my way in here..."

"Well... they killed your precious little virgin too! Next time... we do MY plan"

Ruby, a feisty blonde, is a demon with demonic abilities such as enhanced strength and inhuman durability; however she is vulnerable to most weaknesses of demons.

Ruby is a skilled fighter, forgoing telekinesis that other demons use, she tends to rely on martial arts.

During her time as a witch, she gained extraordinary knowledge of magic. She knows how to nullify the effects of hex bags, as well as how to create them to hide her presence from supernatural beings. She knows a spell capable of wiping out all demons - including herself - within a mile radius.

Ruby possesses a mysterious and magical "demon-killing" knife.

107 words


Demon Possessed Female



Vulnerable To Weaknesses of Demons


Enemy To All Demons

Once Human



Forgo Easy Way


Rely On Mundane Way


Distrusts Dean

Hated By Other Demons

Mentor to Sammy

Rival of Bela Talbot

Suspicious of Bobby Singer


Create Hex Bags

Demonic Abilities


Enhanced Strength

Extraordinary Knowledge of Magic

Extensive Knowledge of Supernatural

Feisty Blonde

Gain Magic

Hide Presence From Supernatural Beings

Inhuman Durability

Knows Martial Arts

Knows Spells

Nullify Hex Bags

Nullify Magical Effects

Possesses Magical Artefacts

Skilled Fighter


Wipe Out All Demons Within A Mile


Arcane Paraphernalia

Demon Killing Knife

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