Sunday, 19 April 2009

3D map of Dragon Lands of Glorantha

So here is a map I did a while back.
It is of the Dragon Lands of Dragon Pass in Glorantha and is the setting for my HeroQuest campaign.

I was fairly happy with it but it still unfinished and doesn't quite convey the combination of flat lands, swamp, peaks and craggy hills.

Dragon Lands of Glorantha

I have sketched out an isometric grid and drawn some of the new map already.

So here is the pencil sketch I have done so far.
I am trying to get an isometric view of the landscape showing the hills, mountains and flatlands.

Dragon Lands of Glorantha - isometric sketch -01

Dragon Lands of Glorantha - isometric sketch -01 Thumbnail.

The labels are just temporary at the moment just to give an idea for comparison of the two maps.

I still have quite a bit to do to finish it off.

One thing I may struggle with is doing the large swamp as I haven't got a clue how to represent it.
Any ideas?

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