Monday, 16 March 2009

Watchmen - Do Not Believe the Hype!

So I succumbed to the hype and went to see Watchmen at the local Cinema De Lux. Now I don't really know much about comic book super heroes apart from what I have seen in films.

Now I did enjoy the spectacle of the film with the special effects and the action packed set pieces. Some of the visuals were stunning but it seems more style over substance.
The length of the film wasn't too bad either as it didn't drag too much.
A nice roller-coaster ride but much of the story didn't make sense.

The story was distracting though with it jumping time frame and character far too much and didn't seem to gel together at all too well. The main story about the 'mystery' of who killed the old superhero did not have the driving force of the film much and the violence by the main antagonist seem to blur it even more. The old superhero was also revealed to be a bit of a bastard in flashbacks that didn't endear any sympathy at all over his death.
The film was also disjointed by the main character being far too powerful while the others didn't have their superpowers explained at all. A wave of his hands and everything would have been all right. It just seemed flat. The whole 'he's distracted' or 'his lack of humanity' part of the story seemed a forced plot convenience.

The batman character was a little too earnest and angst ridden without any pay back. He almost was a pale shadow compared to the recent Batman films.

The main villain's reveal seemed far too late in the film to have impact and was a bit of an anti-climax. You got an idea of who the main villain was during the opening attack of the old superhero. The only good thing was the demise of the antagonist at the end yet that did seem badly timed.
Also there seemed too close a parallel in the destruction of New York and the 11th September twin towers that jarred you out of the fantasy.

The real sin of course was not playing up the villainy of Nixon and Kissinger, the partners in power, but I guess that would be subject of a different film.

Also judging by the trailers before the film there are even more superhero films on the way with some of the characters from X-Men each getting their own film.

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