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Midweek Character - Maroof Levelhead

This is another of the players characters from the game from Convulsion 2002. Again this is one that was based in the village of Hellbreak while many of the other PCs were from a feuding clan.
While quite marshall this character had his duty to his clan and had to help the other PCs even though they were considered the enemy.
This character was very ably played by Dr Moose. He did so well we invited him to be a regular in our group.

Maroof Levelhead with his Spear of Destiny and Brightshield. © Darran Sims

Maroof Levelhead's Story

“The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of the child.”

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the sky, and the truth.”

Weaponthane and ‘Protector of Hellbreak’, Maroof Levelhead is staunch and resolute in his duties including the maintenance and construction of the high watchtower and fortifications.

Maroof knows the local area, organising the tula patrols and leads the elite Sun-Fire Squad; drilling them in defensive tactics, horsemanship and riding.

When he was younger Maroof was not obligated to home; he wandered Dragon Pass like Elmal and met the DeathLords, the Stonemen and the Wild-Twins. He outmanoeuvred the Sun-Domers and cunningly overcomes the Redcloaks.

Bearer of Spear of Destiny and Brightshield, he is awe-inspiring in any conflict especially skirmishes and shieldwall fighting.

100 words



Heortling 13

Weaponthane 5M

Elmal Devotee 1M



Duty-Bound 14M

Obligated to Home 1M

Not Young Anymore 19

Wanderer 18



Awe-Inspiring 19

Cunning 14

Levelheaded 5M

Resolute 17

Staunch 17




BLOODLINE [Solni] 18

CLAN [Hruling] 13

CHIEF [Eldon] 13

Elmal Temple 5M

Protector of Community 1M

DeathLords [Contact] 19

Stonemen [Contact] 2M

Wild-Twins [Contact] 1M

Sun-Fire Squad 14M

Redcloaks [Adversary] 2M

Sun-Domers [Adversary] 2M




Dazzling Flash, Illuminate Surroundings, Resist Darkness, See in Darkness, Unquenchable Light.


Defend Wall, Endure Wound, Hold Breach, Reflective Shield, Stand Fast.

SUN 19

Blazing Spear, Brilliant Shield, Clear Clouds, Comforting Glow, Unfaltering Defence.



1H Spear/Shield Fighting 10M

Bearer of Mighty Weapons 1M

Construct Fortifications 1M

Defend Tula 5M

Drill Elite 5M

Horsemanship 2M

Inspiring In Any Conflict 19

Knows Dragon Pass 17

Knows Local Area 17

Lead Sun-Fire Squad 14M

Maintain Defensive Fortifications 1M

Organise Patrols 5M

Outmanoeuvre 19

Overcome Enemy 2M

Ride Horse 6M

Shieldwall Fighting 5M

Skirmish Tactics 1M

Use Watchtower 19


Special Abilities

Spear of Destiny 3M

Brightshield 1M


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