Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Midweek Character - Darran Sims

So I have now stated myself as a HeroQuest character.
It's an interesting exercise to do and I do think I have captured myself well [though you'll have to judge that for yourself!]

Dr Who

Darran Sims' Story

"A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an Emergency on my part"

Darran is a devoted husband, Grandfather of seven, Artist, Cartographer, and keen HeroQuest narrator. As a RPG Convention List Compiler he attends six conventions per year across Europe. His work as an Entertainment Venue Manager means he gets to meet the equally famous and obscure of Britain’s popular culture. Darran has a small mischievous streak [that is a mile deep!] and often boarders on pure schadenfreude. With a penchant for drawing weapons he is certainly not a man to cross.
Darran prevaricates too much while reading posts and threads and not enough time posting his wisdom as a Games Master.

100 words.


Entertainment Venue Manager 5M

Artist 1M

HeroQuest Narrator/Game Master 1M


Bordering Schadenfreude 13

Prevaricates 1M

Small Mischievous Streak 17


Devoted 1M

Keen 5M

Not to be Crossed 15

Wise 17


Devoted Husband 5M

Loves European RPG Conventions 1M

Grandfather of Seven 5M

To Britain's Popular Culture 17


Attend RPG Convention 17

Draw 1M

Cartography 17

Compile RPG Convention List 17

Meets the Famous and Obscure 5M

Mile Deep Mischief 15

Not Enough Time 17

Penchant for Weapons 15

Posts Game Master Wisdom 17

Reads Posts 1M

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