Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Midweek Character - WALL-E

Another weekly HeroQuest character - this time a silly character.
I think this shows the beauty of the HeroQuest system in making playable player characters that in other role-playing systems wouldn't be much good or very, very weak.


WALL-E's Story


"Chime" Macintosh activation chime.


WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a mobile trash compactor, the last operational unit on Earth created by the Buy-n-Large Corporation.

WALL-E's long and lonely existence has granted him sentience and emotion.

WALL-E is solar-powered and constantly replaces his worn parts with those scavenged from non-functional WALL-E units. He has a laser between his eyes, he uses this chiefly as a cutting-tool. He can retract his limbs and head into his body and form a cube when he senses danger or when at rest. His loneliness is soon requited via EVE, a probe that searches for signs of plant life.

104 words.



Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class [WALL-E] 17

Mobile Trash Compactor 17

Sentient 13



Constant 17

Curious 15

Determined 10M

Diligent 17

Emotional 4M

Kleptomania 13

Lonely 15



Created By the Buy-n-Large Corporation 17

Requited Love for EVE 15M

.                 Search for Signs of Plant Life 1M



Alone on Earth 17

Cutting-Tool 1M

Form a Protective Cube 10M

Granted Emotion 13

Laser Between Eyes 17

Last Operational Unit 17

Long Existence 5M

Replace Worn Parts 17

Retract Head 17

Retract Limbs 17

Scavenge Spare Parts 17

Sense Danger 15

Solar-Powered 17

Strip Non-functional WALL-E Units 17


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