Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Midweek Character - Johner

Okay I am hoping to post up a HeroQuest character every week that I have used or plan to use in my games.

I'll start with one of the player characters from my Serenity: HeroQuest games, Johner.
Portrayed in Alien: Resurrection by Ron Perlman, he is one of the more colourful characters of The Betty.




Johner’s Story
“My own recipe. Way more dangerous.”
“You hang with us a while, you'll learn I'm not the man with whom to fuck.”

Johner is a mercenary, hired by Elgyn as extra muscle, but has chosen to stay onboard the Betty “ ‘Cause pay’s good and regular”. Johner is thickset, mean and ugly, with vivid scars crisscrossing his ugly baldhead, and has an ugly temper to match.
Johner talks-before-he-thinks, often saying the most inappropriate comments but his coarseness occasionally provides paradoxical humour. He is self-centred and has a schadenfreude streak that boarders on sadistic; he scares and unnerves all that he meets.
Johner is accomplished in battle [his love of big guns and loud bangs is renowned], skilled at bashing-in heads and can brawl in the dirt with the best of ‘um.
109 words.

Crewman of The Betty 1M,
Mercenary Soldier 5M,



Avaricious 5M

Boarderline Sadistic 1M

Callous 5M

Fearless 5M

Mean 1M

Loves Big Guns 19

Loves Loud Bangs 19

Loyal 10

Schadenfreude 5M

Self-Centered 19

Self-Confident 5M

Undisciplined 5M

Ugly Temper 19



Battle Unit [Former -Member of] 17

Former Comrades [Friends of] 17

The Betty’s Crew [Loyal to] 19

Hired by Elgyn 1M

Renowned Love of Explosions 19

Renowned Love of Guns 19M

Likes Good & Regular Pay 15M



Accomplished in Battle 19

Bash-in Heads 5M

Brawling 10M

Brawl in the Dirt 19

Chosen to Stay Onboard 19

Coarse [Swear Like a Trooper] 20M

Conceal Weapon 10M

Fight the Best of ‘um 20M

Provides Paradoxical Humour 19

Says Inappropriate Comments 19

Scary 8M

Talks-Before-He-Thinks 19

Thickset 19

Ugly 20

Unnerves All that He Meets 19

Use Weapons [Small Arms, Assault, Heavy] 10M

Vivid Scars Crisscrossing Head 19



Standard of Living: Common 13

WEAPONS:- Knife, Pistol, Grenade Launcher, Assault Weapon, SMG, Derringer hidden in a Flask, Spare Ammo.

ITEMS:- Body Armour, Ident Card, Fake Permits, Assortment of loot, Flask of Moonshine.




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