Monday, 27 October 2008

RPG Bloggers

One of the nicer things that has happened recently is I have joined RPG

It seems to be quite a good site, a one stop shop for RPG blogs and postings. Hopefully it will increase the popularity of One Man and His

Some blurb from their site:

"What is this?

I’m glad you asked.


This is the RPG Bloggers network, a coalition of people who blog about Tabletop Role Playing Games. 

Specifically, this site takes posts from its members and publishes an excerpt of them here, so instead of following a bunch of feeds, you only have to follow one. Plus you may find great posts by blogs you didn’t even know existed.

However, all our members would like you to read their posts (that’s why they blog.) So each excerpt sends you back to the original site to read it, comment on it, etc. That way, the network doesn’t take anything away from the individual members.

Do you blog about RPGs and want to join us? Check out our membership page. is curated by Dave Chalker of Technical assistance is provided by Graham Poole and Justin Worrell. The site uses the FeedWordPress plugin byCharles Johnson and the Hamasaki 1.1 theme by Nurudin Jauhari. Extra Graphics assistance provided by Danny Rupp of

All post content is owned by the original poster."

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