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More Continuum 2008 FAQ

p>More of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions
This section deals with the committee and Guest of Honour details.

Who are the Committee?
If you need to contact anyone about Continuum or any related topic these are the people. Though each has their own area of expertise there is a deal of over-lap. If in doubt who to contact then contact them all.

Lawrence Whitaker - Committee Chair
Chairman, Convention Finance, Convention Book
Involved with Continuum since its inception and previously part of the Convulsion committee, Loz has been active in role-playing for more years than he cares to recall when sober. He is currently one of Mongoose Publishing's staff writers, working on RuneQuest, Glorantha, and the Eternal Champion RuneQuest series of games. Before that he freelanced for Chaosium on the Eternal Champion line. A regular convention attendee he can be found propping up, or being propped-up by bars at Tentacles, Concrete Cow and Furnace.

Colin Driver - Event Tsar
Seminars, Panels, Events, Miniature Games and Convention Timetable
Freeform collaborator, artist, Gwenthia writer and Glorantha's official Cartographer, Colin hails from London and is the token Southerner of the Committee. Dropping out briefly to raise two kids, he's a regular convention goer and, like Loz, has been with Continuum since it's beginning. Colin particularly enjoys miniature painting, tabletop RPG's, on-line gaming, a pint of lager and a good curry, though not necessarily in that order.

Simon Bray - Freeform Tsar
Freeforms and Mailing List Management
Simon has been a regular at Convulsion and Continuum since 1992. As an artist of Gloranthan products and a writer, he became a frequent guest at the convention before joining the Committee in 2006 as the Freeform Tsar. Simon is passionate (if not obsessive) about gaming, and gets cranky without a weekly fix. Part of the Unspoken Word publishing team, he is also the Art Editor for Moon Design and an MIB for Steve Jackson Games, as well as writing freeforms in his sadly lacking spare time. Simon tries (but ultimately fails) to keep himself out of trouble. Although his activities have yet to shame the Committee, he is wanted in several small European countries under their indecency laws and has been disowned by half his family.

Mike Mason - Auctioneer
Auction and Registration
Mike was found at an unknown age, washed ashore near Walberswick, and has convincingly passed himself off as human for over thirty years, even going so far as to work in the gaming industry and produce several products, including Dark Heresy, Purge the Unclean and the Inquisitor's Handbook, as well as (the yet unpublished) Death & Glory expansion for Talisman. Mike has been given, from time to time, to fits of romanticism, leading to self-publishing a Call of Cthulhu fanzine (The Whisperer), working as a freelance writer and editor and setting up the (now purged and excommunicated) Kult of Keepers. When not researching esoteric matters, Mike can be found playing 'food brinksmanship' with Keary Birch and discussing the finer qualities of White Russians with Paul Fricker. Mike is also known for surviving as both a player and GM in Evil Gaz's Gaming Group (TM) and for having set up the critical, yet friendly Role Players Social website.
Mike has been a member of the Continuum Committee since its inception, circa 2004, which is a bit of busman's holiday given that he used to manage Games Workshop's Games Day & Golden Demon.

Graham Spearing - Games Tsar
Role-playing Games, Card Games and Board Games
Graham doesn't just write adventures, he becomes them. In a long and rich tapestry of role-playing experiences, his journey to Continuum, a 7th level Chivalry & Sorcery numerologist and a '13' on the random encounter table is now showing for an extended run at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. As Continuum's tabletop gaming organiser, Graham sits in a lotus position at the centre of the Gamist-Narrativist-Simulationist model, embracing all games in an environmentally friendly reduced wattage crimson glow. In Graham's multifaceted Continuum all dice shapes are welcomed, especially zero sided ones.
Tell him what result you get on a d0, you may find it illuminating.

Darran Sims - Customer Service Tsar
Customer Service, Programme Book, Treasury and Management
Darran is a Devoted husband, Grandfather of seven, Artist, Cartographer, and keen HeroQuest narrator. As a RPG Convention List Compiler he attends six conventions per year across Europe. His work as an Entertainment Venue Manager means he gets to meet the equally famous and obscure of Britain's popular culture. Darran has a small mischievous streak (that is a mile deep!) and often boarders on pure schadenfreude. With a penchant for drawing weapons he is certainly not a man to cross. As Treasurer of the Continuum Committee some may say he is tight with money - and they'll be right!

Who are the Guests of Honour?
We have possibly the best ever line-up of Guests of Honour at this year's Continuum. We have people that were instrumental in shaping the role-playing industry in its infancy as well as re-shaping the industry now. Read their biographies below and check out their Role-playing game credits at the Pen & Paper database as well, they make interesting reading.

Greg Stafford
What's there to say about Greg? Creator of Glorantha, President of Issaries, Pendragon architect, mythicist, shaman, teacher, High Priest of the First Church of Elvis...
Except... we're thrilled to announce that Greg will be at Continuum, talking Glorantha, HeroQuest, and, of course, Pendragon. But why settle for just the talking when we could be getting him to run games? Indeed, Greg will be GMing not one, but two limited-place scenarios (HeroQuest and Pendragon) during Continuum.
Role-playing game credits:

Mark Galeotti
Once again, we're delighted to welcome Mark as a Continuum Guest of Honour. A long-time friend of the convention he is well known as a Gloranthan alumnus, Chief Lunar, and Mythic Russia's Tsar. As well as engaging in all manners Gloranthan and Mythic Russian.
What news about the Unspoken Word will he bring?
Role-playing game credits:

Charlie Krank
Chaosium's God Emperor is making a return visit to Continuum, and who are we to deny him the right? Charlie was incredibly popular guest last time around, and we're thrilled to welcome him back. We're hoping to lure Charlie into some game-running this Continuum (can you spot a theme emerging?), but we also know he'll be happy to keep us appraised of what's happening Chaosium-side and to enjoy a few pints of Guinness in the bar with those wanting to chat and reminisce.
With the release of the new BRP core rulebook interest will be increased.
Role-playing game credits:

Angus Abranson
As well as having featured in the Dork Tower cartoon strip, Angus is a Director of He also runs his own publishing & events company Cubicle 7 Entertainment, who not only publishes the SLA Industries & Victoriana Role-Playing Games but also organises the Dragonmeet Convention in London. A contradiction within himself, Angus is still aiming to discover that he is actually the Messiah and not just a very naughty boy.
Role-playing game credits:

Jeff Richard
Guild of Calamitous Intent
Jeff's origins are shrouded in mystery and he appears to be a guest for the sole fact that he is seemingly known throughout the gaming world. Perhaps that is because he was once ordered to shoot a kangaroo while drunk and got punched by Kurt Cobain in his own flat.
Others say it is because of his efforts to exorcise the demon who plagued Glorantha. Jeff likes to think it is because of his childlike innocence and modesty. Jeff is a co-author of 'HeroQuest 2.0'™ and group leader of the forthcoming 'Cults of Sartar'™ book and 'Pavis: Gateway to Glorantha'™.

Matthew Sprange
The voice, and co-founder, of Mongoose Publishing - the most successful and prolific British RPG company, er, ever!
We're pleased to welcome Matthew as part of the development team behind the brand new edition of RuneQuest. Matthew's bringing with him the Mongoose Demonstration Squads for RuneQuest, and will no doubt be sharing Mongoose's vision of the future for the RuneQuest game.
Role-playing game credits:

Sandy Petersen
A gaming legend: creator of 'Call of Cthulhu', one of the classic role-playing games; a guiding force behind Glorantha and many of the classic-era RuneQuest publications such as Vikings, Sandy has also made a name for himself as one of the developers of ID Software's Doom phenomenon. It's been some time since Sandy's paid the UK a visit, and we welcome him back with open straitjacket.
Role-playing game credits:

Rick Meints
President of Moon Design, Gloranthan archivist, collector, Guinness fan, and the Eternal Auctioneer, Rick is a lifelong friend of both Convulsion and Continuum, and simply a great personality to have at any convention. Rick's tireless devotion to Glorantha has injected a new energy and drive into HeroQuest, and we know that Rick's champing at the bit to reveal his Master Plan and, at the same time, unveil the latest HQ releases, especially HeroQuest 2.0!
Role-playing game credits:

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