Friday, 18 July 2008

A little bit more Frequently Asked Questions

A little bit more of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with food and drink.

Where can I get food and drink from?
There are shared kitchens in the accommodation blocks with coffee/tea making facilities. Breakfast is served in the main dinning hall between 8am until 9.30am. There will be a canteen style lunch served in the main dinning hall that you can purchase at 1pm until 2pm. A dinner will also be served for cash sales between 6.30pm and 8pm, on the Sunday a carvery style Sunday roast will be served.
There is a local ASDA [open Mon-Sat 8am -10 pm Sun 10am - 4pm] and there are selections of eateries, pubs that serve food and restaurants in Oadby itself.
We will make a special recommendation of the India Cottage Indian Takeaway on the Parade! There are also other fast food outlets for pizza and burgers, although you have to travel a bit further, down the Parade and left past St Peter's church to find a Chinese restaurant that is also highly recommended by the committee. Most of these places will deliver, and the prices are very reasonable. We will have a selection of menus in Continuum Control.
If you are on a budget there is also a Wetherspoons pub, called 'Lord Keeper of the Great Seal' [a name that calls forth Great Cthulhu himself!] that does good food and beer.
Sometimes it does you good to get off-site for a while and relax away from the hectic pace of the convention.

What are the breakfast times?
Breakfast is served in the main hall from 8am until 9.30am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Please do not wait until the last minute to go down as the kitchen staff may have started clearing away.
Breakfast itself is of the wonderful, greasy full English variety that will stick to the inside of your ribs like nobody's business.

What are the lunch times?
The canteen style lunch is served between 1pm and 2pm in the main hall on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a small but varied menu and there will be a vegetarian option. The prices will vary for each selection of the menu.

What are the dinner times?
The canteen style dinner is served between 6.30pm until 8pm in the main hall on Saturday and Sunday. There will be a small but varied menu and there will be a vegetarian option. The prices will vary for each selection of the menu.
On Sunday there will be a carvery style Sunday Roast meal available as well.

What are the bar times?
The bar opens at 2pm on the Friday afternoon and closes at 1am the following morning.
On Saturday it opens at 11am and again time is called at 1am.
On Sunday it opens at 11am and closes at 1am.
There will be plenty of choice of real ales as well as the usual lagers, ciders, draught Guinness, bottled beers, and alcohol-pops.

Can I bring in my own food and alcohol?
We advise you to try to get regular meals and to drink plenty of fluids during the weekend. We wouldn't want you to collapse from lack of food, sleep deprivation or dehydration as it does mess up the venue somewhat.
As there are shared kitchens in the accommodation blocks you can buy in food from the local ASDA or the local Salisbury's. The kitchens have a basic two-ring hob and a microwave as well as a basic selection of crockery and cutlery.
You can also order in takeaways and we do have menus from some of the local eateries, fast food restaurants and takeaways. We just ask that you clear away your pizza boxes, food cartons and other mess.
As these venue sites are licensed premises please do not bring and consume your own alcohol in the public areas.
You can only buy alcohol off the premises for consumption in your own room [or your friends room].
Do not wander around the premises with your own booze please.

Can I hold late night parties in my room?
If you are having a drink and a quiet chat with a few friends and are showing consideration of those that are sleeping in the neighbouring bedrooms then yes. Please remember that sleep is your friend.

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