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Even a Little Bit More FAQ

Even a little bit more of the Continuum 2008 Frequently Asked Questions.
This section deals with the Auction, the Bring & Buy Stall and the Continuum Goodies.

Can you tell me about the Auction?
This year the auction is being held on Sunday afternoon 2pm to 5pm in the Dinning Room.
Ace Auctioneers Rick Meints and Mike Mason will lead the auction. We do get special, unique and rare offered by the Guests of Honour and by the publishers attending Continuum as well as items from those organising the freeforms and other games.
Attendees bring items that are of interest to the membership and furious bidding wars often take place and the spectacle is worth seeing.
The auction uses some simple rules to keep it moving swiftly:

If you have items (lots) to sell please endeavour to register them before the convention, note that the deadline for pre-registering is 5pm Monday 28th July 2008.
You can download the form here
On the sheet you are asked to mark down the percentage contribution to the convention fund (20% to 100% of the item sale price) - if you leave this blank then we will assume you are happy to contribute 20% of the item sale price to the con.
When filling in the sheet, please complete all the information requested and then email it to Mike Mason at
Note that the Committee reserves the right to remove any items from the auction without consultation with the seller. At the convention, bring your items for the auction to Mike Mason between 9.30am to 11.00am on Sunday morning at Continuum Central. Items should correspond to the re-registration sheet and each item should have an auction label attached (magic tape or bagged accordingly).
If any of your items do not sell you must collect them at the close of the auction (approx. 6pm) in person, showing your receipt. Any items not collected at this time will be disposed of.
If any of your items did sell, then you will be sent any monies owed to you after the convention – it is essential that your name and address are clearly written on the pre-registration form!

If you wish to bid on an item during the auction hold your hand up high and keep it up until the either item sells (to you) or the price rises too high for you. Winning bidders must immediately pay he amount bid to the auction cashier (cash, cheque or card).
If you intend buying more than a couple of lots, you can get an auction bid card before the auction starts from the auction cashier. Items won by you will be held to one side until the end of the auction, when you must pay the total for all the lots you have won to the auction cashier.

Tell me about the Bring & Buy Stall?
To help you dispose of your old gaming gear, books, DVDs, and games there will be a Bring and Buy Stall in the Traders Hall. The Bring and Buy stall is also your chance to get yourself a bargain or find an out-of-print book or game. Some items not eligible for the auction will be sold on the Bring and Buy stall instead.

Bring and Buy Stall rules
20% will be deducted from the sale price and donated to Continuum
Non-collection of money will be taken to mean that the seller wants all the money to be donated to Continuum.
Non-collection of items will become the property of the Bring and Buy Coordinators and will be donated to a future Bring and Buy stall at Continuum 2010.
No refunds or returns on items as they are bought and sold as seen
Goods should be complete. In exceptional circumstances, incomplete goods will be accepted. In this case goods should be marked with what parts are missing.

We, the Bring n Buy organisers... 
Will do our best for security but hold no responsibility for lost or stolen items, everything is left at the owner's risk
Will not pay out or allowed goods to be collected unless the collector has retained their half of the raffle ticket, thus proving ownership
We cannot give people advice on prices 
We  have taken sellers at their word that items are complete (unless marked) and are not held responsible if they are not. 
We  will begin paying out at the time agreed and not before unless circumstances are exceptional.
We may refuse any Bring and Buy item(s) they deem unfit, or if they believe the item(s) is/are part of the 3rd parties.

Optional rule
We At the discretion of the Bring and Buy stall staff "Haggling" and if the agreement box on the form is TICKED by the seller.

The Sellers...
Must know what they wish to sell for (i.e. the price) and should not ask for advice from the organisers.
Must retain their half of the ticket(s) given to them.
Will collect their cash and/or unsold items at the times specified.
When collecting unsold items) must not take them off the table without informing the organisers and having them checked off against the logbook.
Items and/or cash cannot be collected without the raffle ticket(s) being retained.
Must accept that whilst all is done to prevent loss the organisers are not responsible for any losses, thefts or damages etc. - all items are left at their owner's risk.

Tell me about the Continuum Polo Shirts?
We are proud to present the Continuum 2008 polo shirts embroidered with the full Continuum logo. The shirts come in the 'Standard Gamer' bottle green colour with the logo done in silver and red. You also have the chance to personalise your shirt with your name monogrammed on it. The names should be simple two word names please, no long titles or slogans. Sizes of the polo shirts are from Small to Extra Extra Extra Large.
You can pre-order and pay for those merchandise items in advance.
Close-up view of the logo:
Pullout views on the polo shirts:
Polo Shirts with full embroidered Continuum logo - £20.00.
Polo Shirts with full embroidered logo and monogrammed name - £25.00.

The deadline for monogrammed pre-orders should be Friday 14th July 2008.

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