Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Tentacles a go go!

This seems to have not been posted at the right time?

0 Tentacles Deja Vu. Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany.
Friday 9th - Monday 12th May 2008.

Well, I just got back from my holiday in Spain today and received delivery of the Freeform books, player booklets and playing cards for the 'Masters of Luck and Death' freeform.

Holy Country Compass Rose

They all look fantastic, so thanks goes to my brother for getting them printed.

I am happy with the artwork for the front cover as well. A real team effort.
The map of the Holy Country in the background was drawn by Dario Corallo and aged by Simon Bray to look old and worn. The compass rose part was put together by myself with each metal texture getting put together to form the whole.
The metals and runes as well as the stones represent each of the six different areas that make up the Holy Country. From the top we have lead, obsidian and the darkness rune for the Troll lands of the Shadow Plateau; tin, calcite and air rune for Heortland; cold iron, granite and fate rune for the atheistic people of God Forgot; the bottom section we have for the sea people of the Rightarm Islands mercury, malachite and the water rune; the volcano worshipping Caladralanders have gold, amber and fire rune; and finally we have copper, red jasper and earth rune for the Esrolians [or Land of a 1,000 Goddesses]. The centre cartouche represents the God-King or Pharaoh of the Holy Country, Belintar.

I am just finishing off the name badges, the stat packs and the cutting out of many little bits of handouts for the players.

Simon Bray has done such a great job of writing this freeform and getting it ready. I was reading the player character sheets while sitting in the hot Spainish sun by the pool sipping Sangria and trying not to laugh too loudly. It should be a blast to play.

Just have to finish packing [after I finish cutting] and then heading off on Thursday on the first part of my trip to Germany. I can't wait!

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