Thursday, 18 October 2007

Furnace Con Book put to bed!

A quick post just to say the Furnace 2007 Con Book is now completed.

Welcome to Furnace! By Graham Spearing
About the Venue By Darran Sims
Furnace’s Charity - WaterAid
Top Ten Tips For Convention Players By Evilgaz
Aggar Homeland for Glorantha HeroQuest By David Millians
Tal’Vorn a Game World for D&D By Joshua Binks.
The Shattered Lands a RuneQuest Setting By Newt Newport
When the Snow Lay Round About By Jane Williams
‘Love, Honour & Obey’ a DitV Scenario By Ric Baines
UK Roleplayers - a Brief History By Dave McAlister
Nemesis Madness Meters in Call of Cthulhu By Dom Mooney
Mob Justice Introduction By Iain McAllister
Game Design 101 By Iain McAllister
Kadvalla - A Saintly Order for Mythic Russia By Mark Galeotti
Saturday Timetable
Sunday Timetable
Scheduled Games Tabletop
Collective Endeavour
Furnace Committee
Dragonewts! By Darran Sims

Here is the cover:

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