Monday, 27 August 2007

Furnace 2007 Con Book Update

Okay chaps we have just less than a month to go until the deadline of Monday 24th September 2007.

Some stuff has been promised but not yet delivered to me.This listed below is what we have so far but there is a little bit of space for those articles that have been promised.

Furnace 2007 Con Book Contents
So far:
Games Timetable.
Game write-ups from all GMs. [Hopefully this will be part of the timetable]
Intro to Furnace by Chairman.
Committee Write-ups.
Garrison Hotel venue info by Darran Sims.
Water Aid info.
Top Ten Player Tips by Evilgaz.
Aggar Homeland Write Up for HeroQuest By David Millians.
Tal'Vorn a Game World for D&D by Joshua Binks.
'Love, Honour & Obey' a DitV Scenario by Ric Baines.
'Dragonewts' by Darran Sims.
'Dark Heart of the Dragonlands' a HeroQuest Scenario by Darran Sims.
"When the snow lay round about..." a Gloranthan story by Jane Williams.
'Nemesis RPG Madness Meters for CoC' by Dominic Mooney.

Looks good so far, should be a cracking book for every attendee of Furnace 2007.

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