Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Serenity Money, 1 & 10 Cred Notes

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This is the Bhutanese 5 ngultrum note.

This is the note I started with before doing my Adobe Photoshop magic on it.
The money from the Firefly series and the Serenity film was based on the 1 and 2 ngultrum notes. They added the golden globes and the Alliance logo in the centre as well as re-colouring the note.

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My version of the 1 Cred Note.

First off I cut and pasted the serial numbers out and extended the circle sections in the corners by coping the trim so that the original numbers were hidden.
I re-coloured the 5 ngultrum note I was using and added the features that had been used for the prop money. I went with a very dark red for the 1 cred note and green for the 10 cred note; I was thinking that the 10 Cred note would be used more as the 'basic' currency while the 1 Cred note would be very 'small change' hence the colours.

I used the Alliance logo out of the Serenity film and made up a planet to fill in the centre of the note. Most of the rest of the note is the original Bhutanese, it looked so cool I didn't change it much.

The new numbers were added using the Batman Forever font as that looks very futuristic.

I printed the notes on normal 80g/m2 printer paper. When I cut the notes out I gave them to my grandkids to play with so they got crumpled up nicely!
The texture of the notes feels very authentic now and I even folded some up and kept them in my wallet for a while. I was a little worried though that I might try to spend them by accident!

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My version of the 10 Cred Note.

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Toast said...

love your notes! Would love to download a pdf with them double sided to that I print them up and cut 'em to use with my game.