Monday, 18 June 2007

Elric Cover by Chris Quilliams

This is a beautiful cover of Mongoose's new Elric RPG by Chris Quilliams.

See more at his on-line gallery here:

However I found Elric to look too chunky and muscular in this picture. His face should look more elfin and his body fram should be more willowy.

So I had a go with more Adobe Photoshop skills and tried to make him look a little better.
I thined his frame by 25% and made his face look very elfin with a pointed chin and pointed ears. I also worked on Stormbringer, his sword to make it look bigger but with a slender waist at the hilt. I also altered the colours to make them richer; bringing out the dead bodies at his feet and making the sky look better, Elric himself was made more distinctive.

So does it look better?

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