Saturday, 30 June 2007

New Elric Film?

With the new Elric role-plaing game coming out from Mongoose Publishing there has been some talk of the Elric film that is in the works. Universal own the rights and are working with Michael Moorcock and with The Golden Compass being released soon the romours are they are still interested in another Fantasy Noir film.

An Elric film could actually happen!

So here is my guess on who will play the doomed Melnibone emperor with his Black Sword.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was excellent in Gormenghast and certainly looks the part!

Friday, 22 June 2007

New venue for Continuum 2008

Well we will have a brand spanking new venue for Continuum 2008 on the Friday 1st to Monday 4th August 2008.
The New Hall [also known as the John Foster Hall] Manor Road, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 2LG, is part of the University of Leicester’s halls of residence. Completed in October 2006, this is a brand new building with modern conference facilities.

Conference  Facilities Building3
The amphitheatre in front of the main Conference Building

The Continuum Committee have a site meeting this weekend where we will have a good look around at the venue to check its suitability for our needs.
The good thing is that we will have a greater number of en suite bedrooms to offer our membership along with more conference space to use for gaming rooms.

The conference organisers at the University of Leicester have sent us these publicity photos of the venue and they do look fantastic!
I am certainly looking forward to seeing the new venue so expect more photographs as I snap away.

Reception Area
The Conference Building entrance foyer. Note the plasma screen.

Main Conference Rooms (Swithland  Tilton)
The Swithland & Tilton conference room. Note the sliding partition that makes it two rooms.

Oakham  Rothley Rooms
The Oakham & Rothley conference room. Note the sliding partition that makes it two rooms.

Dining Room
The Main Dining Hall.

New Hall Hospitality Bar
The Bar!

See some more photos here:

Monday, 18 June 2007

Convention Gaming Advice

Con Gaming Advice

First off running games at conventions is a massive challenge. With the players who sign-up for your game you do not know who you’ll get, if you get any players at all. However it is also the most rewarding and most enjoyable way of running games in my opinion. I run games [almost non-stop] at six RPG conventions a year and I can safely say I have run games for the cream of UK role-players.

Character Sheets

Pre-generated player character sheets are the way to go [unless CharGen is very quick and fun]. Also have good playable PreGens as well. A good mix of archetypal roles is a good idea with each character having nice hooks for role-playing them. So you might have a Mighty Knight [who is a Bit of a Coward] or a Sassy Spaceship Pilot [who Knows a Dark Secret]. These should be clearly labelled on the character sheet. The thing is to have six very playable player characters that can be played very straightforward by a novice player but an experienced player can go to town on them, chewing scenery and hamming it up.

I spend most of my prep time on making up six or seven player characters and I make sure that the character sheets are well laid out with all relevant information on them. I include some pictures and a few quotes to set the tone of the character and the setting. Also make sure that they are all useful in the scenario. No point having a heavily armed and armoured psychotic killer in a subtle investigation of a boarding school for girls!

Also make sure you know the character sheets inside and out, someone at the table should and as the players are all new, well you will have to take up the slack. The players might not be able to spot that much needed item or skill at the right time so it helps if you can point that out at the right moment in the game.

Under no circumstances should you allow any player to bring their own player character to the game, especially if it is your first time running the game. More often than not it is their own character, preciously looked after since they first started playing role-playing games. They will be maxed out with the best and coolest items, stats, skills and abilities and would over-balance your game. Also they would get most upset with you should you kill their treasured PC or worst, make them lose some of their cool stuff.

Should your game be under subscribed it is worth knowing which characters to hand out first.

The Con Game Scenario

The con game should be a self contained one-shot. That means a good beginning and an interesting middle building up to a memorable climax. It is important that you do have a good round-up ending to the scenario as you will not be able to carry it on next week like you can in your home game. Also more usually gets done in a con game compared to your home game.
Starting the scenario can take place with the safe bet of all the characters ‘meeting in a tavern’ or you can be more adventurous and go for an in media res start.
With a media res start you can use a fight, a chase or any other kind of conflict to start the scenario. It is a good way of avoiding the more boring aspects of the setting like travelling out in the wilds, or to a fabled ‘lost’ city, or finding the patron for the next mission by avoiding all that and getting the player characters straight into the action. It also allows you to showcase an aspect of the rules from the get-go but try not to force the players into doing something they may not want to do.

With the con game you can get away with doing certain things you might not in you own home campaign. The ‘safe’ rules and conduct can be thrown out the window. You can have a player character be the leader of the group by default, or be the traitor in their midst, or even have the player characters attack each other and even kill each other. Also you can mess about with the setting. Player characters could be the villains of the setting or monsters; I have seen games where the players portrayed Orcs or even Ring Wraiths on a Lord of the Rings game for example. This can be very beneficial, as the players will see things from the different side of the coin as it were, even if it is only for the length of your game. I have also seen games end with not only the death of all the player characters but the destruction of the game world as well.

Pace your scenario out so that it will comfortably run for the whole slot time taking into account a late start as people get settled in at the table [or even finding the table! :shock: ]
Also expect a few interruptions during the game. Also have the scenario designed so you can drop or add certain sections so that you can still get to the climax or a satisfactory ending before your time runs out.

The best way of finding the pace for the scenario is to play-test it first with your home group. It might be advantageous to get your home players to ‘play it up’ and try to ‘break’ the scenario for you. Find out if the player characters would really go on that mission, or pay for the trackers services, or hand over the captive to the bandits, or share out the treasure with the villages, etc.
Getting to know the weak points of the scenario might help you come up with some ideas of what to do if the PCs do something you didn’t expect that might spoil the scenario. Having that contingency ready for when the PCs go left instead of right will help you run the game smoothly and look cool while doing so!

Scheduling Your Game

Try and find out what kind of gaming slots are being ran at the convention. Most conventions usually have a three or four hours for each game slot. Some will have time planned between the slots but sometimes the slots run concurrently, leaving no time between slots. That will affect what time you actually get to run the game for, bearing in mind the interruptions you’ll probably get as well.
Some thought will also be needed to which slot during the convention you pick for your game. The first slot of the convention usually suffers from delays due to the set up of the whole convention as well as late arrivals of the attendees.

The first slot in the morning can undergo problems as some attendees will be suffering hangovers from the night before or will be late from lying in bed if the con is residential.

The players going off in search of food/drink for lunch often plague a midday slot.

As an afternoon slot is good for most games you’ll have competition as it usually the most popular slot. Though be wary, as some gamers get a little sleepy after a heavy lunch.

Evening slots are also popular as the finish times are usually open-ended as there isn’t another slot following [apart from the dreaded all-night gaming slots of course!]. These are ideal for horror or dark atmosphere type games or games that require a specific tone or mood. Be aware though that some gamers like to party in the evening and might be too drunk to play or may not show up at all.

If you are not sure what slot or time to go for, ask the convention organisers; they usually have a member of the committee dedicated to sorting out the programme or the RPG games being ran. They would normally advise you when the optimum time will be for you to run your game.

I always have a scheduled ‘refreshment break’ about halfway through for about ten or twenty minutes. This gives the players [and yourself] a change to refresh, nip to the bar to buy a drink, to get food, have a smoke outside, or check out the trade hall. It also allows you to re-group and think over how the rest of the scenario is going to go. The players can talk to each other and plot out what they are going to do or just gossip about the last film they have seen. If the convention is a one-day event this allows the players to go and look around at the rest of the convention.

Advertising Your Game

Advertising your game is crucial if you want to get some players. Many conventions will advertise their games on their websites usually as well at the convention itself in Programme Books or via sign-up sheets.

A few things you need to consider first though before you advertise your game.
· Give your scenario a nice catchy title. Something that captures the spirit of the game you are running. ’Bloodbath at Peak Castle’ indicates a horror or martial scenario where as ’Intrigue at Peak Castle’ is probably an investigation or diplomacy scenario.
· Label your game with the rules set you are using along with which edition. If you are running it with D&D 4.8 rules then say so. If it is compatible with D&D 3rd ed. rules then mention that as well.
· Think about what level of experience you need in the players. If you are demonstrating a particular setting or rules set you may want people who are new to it or even new to role-playing to play it. Mentioning that it is ‘Newbie Friendly’ will get you new players. If you want your games to be serious and scholarly so players need a very good understanding of the rules or setting then definitely mention that. Full knowledge of D&D 4.8 edition rules especially the clunky armour system is mandatory! is a good way of narrowing down your prospective player pool. That may be exactly what you want but please bare that in mind if you do not get enough players.
· Start, finish and running times are definitely required to be on all your advertising. Fitting your game into one of the convention slots is a good idea as that limits any overlap and clashes. If you are going to run for shorter or longer make sure that is clearly labelled.
· The maximum and minimum number of players you need to run the game. If you think the game will work with just two players or if the most players at a table you can handle is five then set your limit at that. Most games I have seen say 4-6 players only, though I have ran games before for nine players at several conventions.
· Write a good but brief description of your scenario. Write it in such a way that it will draw attention to it and hopefully get people wanting to play it. I usually write a little prelude to the scenario, written in a genre style, that covers the opening acts of the scenario. At other times I use a first person quote from one of the characters about an event in the scenario, summing it up and providing a little bit of mystery. Having ’A D&D adventure same as the others’ isn’t going to sell your game. It is worth thinking a bit more about this and finding your own style to write this. The important thing is to get a good description that can be included in the convention’ literature.

With all the information gathered it is worth sending that into the person organising the convention so it can be put into all their literature and websites. If the convention has it’s own Yahoo! Group, mailing list or on-line forum it is worth posting it on there as well. The feedback you may get will be helpful to judge on the popularity of your game. It is also worth advertising your game on other forums [like this one] or mailing lists that are associated with a game publisher, gaming system or game store.

Running the Game at the Convention

Check with all the players at the beginning that they can stay for the full length of the game slot. It can be very annoying to learn too late that a couple of the players have to break off halfway through to attend a seminar on 'Armoured Were-Squirrels and their Tales' or other such event.

Remember K.I.S.S.* in everything you do. The players will no doubt complicate any plot, dilemma or mission on their own with very little input from the GM.

K.I.S.S. also applies to any introduction and rules summary the GM does before the game actually starts.
Do not have a long preamble that covers the esotericia of the setting plus the last ten thousand years of history! You do not want to over-whelm the players with too much information at the beginning.
Just tell the players what they need to know to start off the scenario and answer their questions [and if they are asking questions that is good] simply and efficiently. Also it may be worth explaining some rules as you go during the game session. Explain combat when you get to the combat bits, explain the use of magic or technology when the players need to use them, etc.

If you can put the basic rules, rule examples, tables or charts on to a ‘cheat sheet’ then do so. Give each player a copy with their character sheet, as some players like to see the mechanics on paper as well as having them described to them. However some other players may want the mechanics kept ‘invisible’, they want the GM to do all the calculating, working out, etc for them. They will just want to know what they have to roll under [or over] on the dice.

Props are a good thing for certain games but that does come down to GMing style. I love maps and like to hand them out during games. My area maps are usually well detailed but I like to keep the location maps simple. Some are even basic line drawings showing walls and doors with the rest of the details filled in by the players’ imaginations during my descriptions. During my Serenity games for example I didn’t use any deck plans as I think sometimes they distract the players too much.
I have also used other props as well like issuing name badges out, handing out pictures of special items, dealing out printed money, wearing glasses or sunglasses when playing certain NPCs, etc. For the most part it is done to gaming tastes but I do know that the players do respond well to these ‘extras’.

*K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Elric Cover by Chris Quilliams

This is a beautiful cover of Mongoose's new Elric RPG by Chris Quilliams.

See more at his on-line gallery here:

However I found Elric to look too chunky and muscular in this picture. His face should look more elfin and his body fram should be more willowy.

So I had a go with more Adobe Photoshop skills and tried to make him look a little better.
I thined his frame by 25% and made his face look very elfin with a pointed chin and pointed ears. I also worked on Stormbringer, his sword to make it look bigger but with a slender waist at the hilt. I also altered the colours to make them richer; bringing out the dead bodies at his feet and making the sky look better, Elric himself was made more distinctive.

So does it look better?

Friday, 15 June 2007

Up & Coming RPG Conventions

0 Q-CON XIV Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland.
Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th June 2007.

0 Game '07. New Century House, Manchester, UK.
Saturday 23rd - Sunday 24th June 2007.

0 Summer Stabcon 2007. Britannia Hotel, Stockport
Friday 6th - Sunday 8th July 2007

0 Ludicrus '07. Rushmere Sports Centre, Ipswich, UK.
Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th July 2007.

0 AmberCon UK 2007. Renaissance Hotel, Reading, UK.
Friday 13th - Sunday 15th July 2007.

0 Recombination, New Hall, Cambridge, UK
Friday 10th - Sunday 12th August 2007.

0 Gen Con UK 2007. University of Reading, Berkshire. UK.
Thursday 30th August - Sunday 2nd September 2007.

0 Confess 2007. The Southern Hotel, Sligo. Ireland.
Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th September 2007.

0 CONcrete Cow '07½. Old Bath House, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, UK.
Saturday 29th September 2007.

0 Spiel 2007. Messe Essen, Essen, Germany.
Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st October 2007.

0 Furnace 2007. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK
Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st October 2007.

0 ODDconUK '07. Quality Hotel, Walsall, UK
Friday 26th October – Sunday 28th October 2007.

0 Gaelcon 2007. Clontarf Castle, Dublin. Ireland.
Saturday 27th - Monday 29th October 2007.

0 Consequences 2007. Naish Holiday Village, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Friday 16th - Sunday 18th November 2007.

0 Dominicon 2007. N.U.I Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland.
Friday 16th - Sunday 18th November 2007.

0 Grand Tribunal 2007. Cheltenham. UK
Saturday 17th November 2007.

0 Dragonmeet 2007. Kensington Town Hall, London, UK.
Saturday 1st December 2007.

0 Warpcon XVIII. University College Cork, Ireland.
Friday 25th - Sunday 27th January 2008.

0 Conception 2008. Naish Holiday Village, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, UK.
Wednesday 30th January - Sunday 3rd February 2008. 

0 Tentacles 2008. Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany.
Friday 9th - Monday 12th May 2008.

0 Continuum 2008. New Hall, Leicester University. UK.
Friday 1st - Monday 4th August 2008.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Serenity/Firefly: HeroQuest Keywords

Here are my Serenity/Firefly keywords that I have used in my games.
Over the next couple of months I hope to expand this list and add some more equipment, weapons and spaceships.

Alliance Officer
Abilities: Alliance Regulations, Close Combat, Exert Authority, Follow Operating Protocols, Follow Orders, Issue Orders, Spot Suspicious Behaviour, Use Newtech Small Arms.

Specialisation Abilities: Modify Alliance Officer Typical abilities based on specialisation.
Command – Assess Situation, Exert Authority +5, Battle Tactics, Disciplined +3, Use Newtech Assault Weapons.
Engineering – Assess Function, Disciplined –3, Identify Deficiency, Machine Maintenance, Meticulous, Repair Machine, Use Tools, Work in Hazardous Environment.
Science – Calculate Formulas, Distracted, Science Knowledge, Science [Specialisation], Use Science Equipment, Use Sensors.
Medical – Administer Drugs, Assess Patient, Disciplined -3, First Aid, Resuscitate Dying, Self-Confident +3, Treat Injury.

Typical Personality Traits: Arrogant, Brave, Callous, Disciplined, Loyal, Self-Confident.
Typical Relationships: to Commander, to Comrades, to Unit, to Training Officer.
Typical Followers: Junior Officers, or a squad of Troopers, or a Personal Assistant.
Standard of Living: Good [17].
Typical Equipment: Dress Uniform, Ident Card, Newtech Small Arm, plus specialisation equipment.
Command – Body Armour, Knife, Newtech Assault Weapons.
Engineering – Assorted tools, Hazmat Suit, Schematics.
Science – Personal Computer, Science Equipment, Sensors.
Medical – Battlefield Dressings, Medical Bag, Pharmaceuticals, Stethoscope.

Alliance Soldier or Trooper
Abilities: Alliance Regulations, Carry Heavy Load, Close Combat, Follow Orders, Identify Foe, Make Camp, March, Scan for Danger, Scouting, Swear like a Trooper, Use Newtech Small Arms, Use Newtech Assault Weapons, [Unit] Traditions.

Typical Personality Traits: Brave, Loyal, Obedient, Resilient.
Typical Relationships: To Commanding Officer, to Comrades, to Unit.
Typical Followers: Greenhorn Troopers.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Body Armour, Dress Uniform, Ident Card, Knife, Newtech Assault Weapons, Newtech Small Arm.

Alliance Spaceship Pilot
Abilities: Alliance Regulations, Evade Hazard, Employ Countermeasures, Follow Operating Protocols, Follow Orders, Go Faster, Know Ship’s Capabilities, Perform Risky Manoeuvre, Pilot Spaceship, Read Sensors, Space Navigation, Spaceship Maintenance, Think Quickly.

Typical Personality Traits: Conceited, Impetuous, Rash, Relaxed, Superior.
Typical Relationships: To Other Pilots, to Support Staff, to Commanding Officer.
Typical Followers: Co-pilot or a Trainee Pilot.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Dress Uniform, G-suit, Ident Card, Newtech Small Arm, Pilot’s Licence.

Abilities: Blend in Background, Block Attack, Close Combat, Conceal Weapon, Evaluate Surroundings, Intimidate, Scan for Danger, Search Person, Secure Area, Shadow Client, Swift Reactions, Take a Bullet, Tough, Use Small Arm, [Other Weapons] Specialist.

Typical Personality Traits: Brave, Loyal, Grim, Unflinching.
Typical Relationships: To Client, to Fellow Bodyguards, to Employer.
Typical Followers: Other Bodyguards to watch their back.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Body Armour, Concealed Weapons, Dark Sunglasses, Personal Comms.

Bounty Hunter
Abilities: Ambush, Close Combat, Dodge, Hide, Intimidate, Keen Senses, Know Quarry, Know Target Area, Plant Surveillance Gadgets, Recognise Quarry, Restrain Prisoner, Track, Urban Survival, Use Small Arm, Use Stunner, Use [Other Weapon-type].

Typical Personality Traits: Avaricious, Patient, Solitary, Tenacious, Wily.
Typical Relationships: To Employer, to Bail Bonding Company, to Contacts, to Underworld.
Typical Followers: None usual but may have a Lookout or Admin Staff at home Head Quarters.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Body Armour, Restraints, Small Arm, Stunner, Surveillance Gadgets, Warrant Papers.

Abilities: Bypass Safety Protocols, Carry Heavy Loads, Engine Maintenance, Enhance Performance, Gauge Operation, Jury Rig, Locate Fault, Modify Technology, Repair Machines, Spot Engine Trouble, Understand Function, Use Tools.

Typical Personality Traits: Instinctive, Meddler, Methodical, Patient.
Typical Relationships: To Employer, To Customer, To Junkyard.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Toolkit, tool belt, oily rags, overalls, engine manuals, spare parts.

Mercenary Soldier
Abilities: Avoid Pursuit, Carry Heavy Load, Close Combat, Dirty Fightin’, Follow Orders, Identify Foe, Ransack, Make Camp, March, Scan for Danger, Scavenge, Scouting, Swear like a Trooper, Take Cover, Throw Grenade, Use Assault Weapons, Use [Other Weapon-type], Use Small Arms, [Unit] Traditions.

Typical Personality Traits: Avaricious, Callous, Fearless, Self-Confident, Undisciplined.
Typical Relationships: To Commander, to Comrades, to Unit.
Typical Followers: Fellow Greenhorn Soldiers.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Assault Weapons, Body Armour, Knife, Loot, [Other Weapon type], Small Arms.

Interpol Investigator
Abilities: Alliance Regulations, Analyse Evidence, Countermeasure Enemy Surveillance, Close Combat, Exert Authority, Infiltrate, Interrogate Prisoner, Issue Orders, Plant Surveillance Devices, Pursuit Tactics, Spot Suspicious Behaviour, Undercover Tactics, Understand Criminal Tactics, Use Newtech Small Arms, Use Newtech Sonic Rifle.

Typical Personality Traits: Assured, Brave, Deceptive, Inscrutable, Loyal, Meticulous.
Typical Relationships: To Commanding Officer, to Interpol Squad, to Informants.
Typical Followers: A Squad of Troopers, or Fellow Investigators.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Body Armour, Ident Card, Licence, Newtech Small Arms, Restraints, Surveillance Devices, Undercover Indent Cards, Warrant Papers.

Abilities: Avoid Detection, Bargain, Bribe Official, Bypass Security Measures, Carry Heavy Loads, Close Combat, Conceal Contraband, Dirty Fightin’, Evade Pursuit, Evaluate Market Value, Hide, Know Black Market, Know Customers, Lookout, Persuasive, Use Small Arms, Use [Other Weapon-type].

Typical Personality Traits: Callous, Cunning, Devil-May-Care, Greedy, Self-centered.
Typical Relationships: To Fellow Crew, to Black Market Contacts, to Underworld.
Typical Followers: Fellow Smuggling Crew, or a Fence back home.
Standard of Living: Common [13].
Typical Equipment: Fake Permits, Knife, Loot, [Other Weapon type], Small Arms

Sunday, 10 June 2007

'Stupor Mundi'

Originally uploaded by Darran!
- background for thirteenth century Europe
- rules for Christian and Muslim Characters
- Knights Templars
- Monks and Friars
- sorcery-using character generation
- creatures from medieval folklore (angels, devils, djinni, incubi)
- some new skills and spells
- advanced rules for languages and literacy
- pre-generated characters
- two ready-to-play scenarios

Nicely modelled by Simon Bray and Loz Whittaker at Tentacles Untapped 2007.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

[Sheffield UK] Furnace 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

0 Furnace 2007. The Garrison Hotel, Sheffield. UK.
Saturday 20th - Sunday 21st October 2007.

The venue from outside.

Furnace's very own bar!

As we reflect on how brilliant the coming summer will be this year, I thought it was timely to remind you to take a look at Furnace, tabletop roleplaying game convention set in a converted gaol house amongst the hills of Sheffield. It is almost very castle like.We're running the convention over the weekend of October 20th/21st 2007.

Main website:

Many familiar tentacles will be there and some new tendrils too. Our game line up so far includes:
Call of Cthulhu 'Dr. Zugsmith Leaves for Cairo' Classic 1920s.
Call of Cthulhu 'The Legacy of Deacon's Wood.' Gaslight.
Call of Cthulhu 'Slapton Sands' Modern Day.
Savage Worlds 'Mission Arcturus' set in the 2300AD sci-fi universe.
Mythic Russia 'Party like its 1381!' run by the game's author Mark Galeotti.
'In search of the King' set in the First Age of Middle Earth and using a new game system.
Monkey 'The Bag of Wind' a new storytelling game based upon this much loved Chinese Classic.
Blood and Sand 'Enter the Arena' epic swords and sandal action using the MRQ SRD
'Bullet Cop Against the Mob' hardboiled 70s cop action.
RuneQuest 'She dreams of Empires' set in Michael Moorcock's Elric setting.
Plus expect more great games to be added to this list.

Five game sessions, Twelve tables, seventy gamers, one gaol. Will you be allowed home?!

Tabletop game of Serenity - I think they got into some trouble?

One of the gaming tables.

Evilgaz runs his games in one of the four cells.

Gus' Roman Game
A game played in the 'basement cell' - note the clever use of the screen.

A Gloranthan miniature wargame.

Darran at Furnace's very own bar
Me at Furnace's very own bar! - I was there a lot.

Signup here:

To see photos of the venue and last year's event:

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Serenity Money, 1 & 10 Cred Notes

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is the Bhutanese 5 ngultrum note.

This is the note I started with before doing my Adobe Photoshop magic on it.
The money from the Firefly series and the Serenity film was based on the 1 and 2 ngultrum notes. They added the golden globes and the Alliance logo in the centre as well as re-colouring the note.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My version of the 1 Cred Note.

First off I cut and pasted the serial numbers out and extended the circle sections in the corners by coping the trim so that the original numbers were hidden.
I re-coloured the 5 ngultrum note I was using and added the features that had been used for the prop money. I went with a very dark red for the 1 cred note and green for the 10 cred note; I was thinking that the 10 Cred note would be used more as the 'basic' currency while the 1 Cred note would be very 'small change' hence the colours.

I used the Alliance logo out of the Serenity film and made up a planet to fill in the centre of the note. Most of the rest of the note is the original Bhutanese, it looked so cool I didn't change it much.

The new numbers were added using the Batman Forever font as that looks very futuristic.

I printed the notes on normal 80g/m2 printer paper. When I cut the notes out I gave them to my grandkids to play with so they got crumpled up nicely!
The texture of the notes feels very authentic now and I even folded some up and kept them in my wallet for a while. I was a little worried though that I might try to spend them by accident!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My version of the 10 Cred Note.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

'You Can't Take the Sky From Me!'

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
The GMs Simon Bray, in red, Darran Sims [me] and Colin Driver, in black, explain the rules at setting at the beginning of the session.

Darran Sims [silly man!]

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
Here is a picture of me working hard as the GM for 'You Can't Take the Sky From Me!' As you can see I am wearing my silly Jayne hat to add to the atmosphere!

Kaylee Fry

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
Kaylee has managed to fix every machine in the Eavesdown Docks yet why are no ships flying apart from Serenity? And why is the Doctor interested in her Kidneys?

Jayne Cobb

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
Jayne has managed to get lots of guns but no ammo! He wants to get paid but Captain Mal is skint. He will walk and get another job if mal doesn't pay him soon! And just why is he avoiding that Buddhist Monk?

Hoban 'Wash' Washbourne

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
He seems to have a big disagreement with all Serenity crew, especially his wife, Zoe and the Captain. All seems not well with the crew and Wash seems to be at the centre of it. What is happening?

Zoe Washbourne

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
As Mal's right hand man she gears up the crew on their mission. Just how did she get the codes so that Serenity could break the landlock? Why is she aurguing with her husband Wash?

Captain Mal Reynolds

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
Thsi Browncoat seems to be in the centre of all the troubles on Eavesdown Docks yet seems only concerned for the missing Registered Companion Inara. He has mobilised his whole crew, once he gets one out of jail that is, to helping him find her. What is he up to?

Rusty Witherspoon

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
The Good Dogs grill chef and regular at Shanty's Inn he seems'uncomfortable' when the feds show. Where does he get his meat from? Is it linked to those missing pets?

Preston Lee

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
This hired goon seems to be in all sorts of trouble yet always keeps his cool. He works for Badger yet seems to moonlight on the side. Not the best way to go for a nice long career/life. Seems to have contact with the Tongs?

Lyle 'Shanty' Capshaw

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
The rough and tough owner of Shanty's Bar & Grill. He seems to be dealing all sorts of goods, legal and illegal - blackmarket anyone?
Also why does he hang around Rusty Witherspoon yet looks troubled while with him?

Rowdy Jessop

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
A cantankerous and drunken old prospector who tries his hand at anything. Just what is he hiding? He seems to spent a lot of time at Shanty's Bar & Grill; it can't be for the company?

Mister-Doctor 'Lee' Chia-Wun

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
This Doctor heals all and sundry yet many can't remember the operations and end up with odd scars. What is he up to and why does he visit Serena Lang so often?

Patience Columbine

Originally uploaded by moonbroth
This old lady is hard as nails and seeks anything to better her world, Whitefall. With fingers in every pie she is not to be messed with. Why is she dealing with Mal's crew of teh Serenity?

Two-Fry McGurn

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Two-Fry likes to do his own kind of 'Justice'. See here he is trying to 'question' Brother Chen-Su in the Buddhist Temple. What is he after and where's his boss, Patience Columbine?

Captain Zane Renshaw

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Another rival of Capt. Mal Reynolds, Capt. Renshaw holds a sword that makes him look like a 'proper gentleman'. Just whose sword is it?

The Sheriff & Miss Dahlia Black

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Sheriff Kruger was told by the Governor to catch the bomber of the Grande Olde Opera House and catch petty thieves; he failed at both. Perhaps distracted by Miss Dahlia Black the Registered Companion of Eavesdown Docks?

Captain Tanaka

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A foil for Capt. Mal Reynolds, this independant Captain seems intent on getting a crew for himself. Yet it seems the crew help themselves to parts of his ship?

Ambassador San Easterhouse

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This Ambassador of Highgate is trapped on the docks with the lockdown in place, even his Diplomatic Immunity isn't a help in this situation.

Sheriff Kruger

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Sheriff kruger is meant to be the law on Eavesdown Docks yet he keeps failing to arrest Capt. Mal Reynolds, find the bomber of the Grande Olde Opera House and seems to beat up tourists.

Brother Chen -Su

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This Buddhist Monk is the calming influence of the docks with his pure moral compass or he should be. What is he up to?

Jonah Wilkes.

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Jonah Wilkes is a tourist from the core though he did seem to act suspicously.

Mister Badger

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Here is Mister badger up to no good no doubt. Behind him is one of his henchmen Harvard 'The Eraser' Berol, renowned for his accounting skills!

The Officer & the Lady

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Lt.Commander Truman 'Top-Notch' Tillman and the Opera Singer Serena Lang. Tillman was in charge of teh docks and Serena was in charge of...well if I told you I would have to kill you!

The Serenity Crew

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I do love this photo. The Serenity crew worked together and became a bit of a powerhouse in the game.