Sunday, 13 May 2007

Beer & pretzels Con Report

Beer & Pretzels XVIII.
Saturday 12th May 2007.

I do enjoy this convention, plenty of people playing games plus as an added bonus Burton Beers [the name of the con gives it away].
I got there early to help set up the tables and chairs and to get ready early.

I was intendeing to run three of my Serenity:HeroQuest games but I managed only to run the first, no one was interested in the second and I had to go home early as my wife was missing me [I am going to another convention, Tentacles, later this month so I didn't want to push my luck].

The first game went very well, 'Echoes in the Black' is a popular game. Had a few pre-sign ups from the East Midlands D&D Meet-up and from RPGnet so I had four players for a good game.

The game started well and the players got into their characters very quicky, rolling along with the dilemmas and the incidents. As like every other group that have played this scenario they took the extra job from the bar keep even though the main man told them to avoid any distractions on their mission. Though this time they managed to get more out of the deal than most.

Part way through the mission two other players joined the game, I said their characters were sleeping off a serious hangover that explained their absense from the mission 'briefing' in the Palace Saloon.

All the players came up with a good plan for the heist and all worked together to get the job done. The heist went well and they managed to bypass most of the opposition and dealt with the rest.

The only downside is the ending was a little anti-climatic due to me being hit suddenly by tiredness. Working late the night before and a sleepless night marred this event for me.

So in all a good convention and one I hope to go to again and again over the coming years.

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